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  • Hello Hemangini,

    If you accept my friendship, you can message me directly from my personal page(just click on my name anywhere).....it is how the site works.  I am a 2x kidney Tx recipient and am on a no concentrated sugar renal diet, as I became a type II diabetic after my 1st Tx.  Most meals consist of 4 oz protein(various sources,) 3- 4 carbs(starches...rice, bread...) 1 oz fat, and drink 2.5 - 3 litres /day of fluid(including water in foods(soups, vegetables)  

    We ARE from different worlds and you can modify this diet to your tastes.  The Tx team should have a dietitian to aid you in developing a diet that works.  I eat a lot of cooked vegetable too.  I hope this helps.  Stay Well!

  • Hello Hemangini

    Welcome to Transplant Friends and congratulation on receiving your Tx!  I hope you are well.

  • Thanks to both of you.....
  • Greetings and Welcome to Transplants Friends Hemangini.hug4.jpg

  • Hello Hemangini

    Welcome to Transplant Friends!

This reply was deleted.

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