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Hey everyone, I started notice something was wrong when I decided to move down to Florida and begin my training to become an Appliance Tech under a friends business that he had owned….. I had all the signs that something was wrong like not eating a lot (And I mean literally 1 meal a day), nauseousness, losing a lot of weight and rapidly, very pale….. But for some reason I thought nothing of it….. When we decided to come back to NJ so we can try and work the business up here, I have gotten a lot lazier which was rare of me and started throwing up here and there on a daily basis.... Sometimes even twice a day….. Finally after my sister caught me throwing up in the middle of the night and random bruising, she convinced me that I maybe I should go to Doctor because something was differently wrong with me… They gave me a blood test and told me they will call me next week with results....They ended up calling me the next day and told me I had to come to hospital ASAP and a bed will be ready for me in 2 hours.... At the hospital I found out that I had only half the amount of blood in me only (well less than that) that I should have and they told me it's kind of amazing that I was still walking with so little blood…. After a few blood transfusions, my doctor wanted to find out the root of my problems and after two weeks of being in the hospital and waking up to random tests everyday, they realized I had hearing problems and they decided to x-ray my kidneys. They were smaller than average and after a biopsy under 10% in working condition. Long story short, I got stuck with dialysis for about 7.8 months and my first cousin to sign up for the transplant match ended up matching. It was a long journey although I realized after that many others have had to wait longer times. However, I do not count the amount of time that we spend on dialysis but more or less the experiences we go through. I learned that all of our experiences are different and coming up from a street-path life, I decided to make changes for the better and is why I decided to make my own personal blog in which people can read my story and hopefully find hope for themselves. The link is; http://mylifeposttransplant.wordpress.com/

Which Organ(s) did you receive? If you are on the waiting list, please share.

Post-Kidney Transplant as of June 15, 2009

How many years have you had your Transplant for?

Almost 3 years

I am Interested in Transplant Friends because...

I just want to meet more people I can relate to. I started my life over from scratch and lost pretty much all my friends since I grew up in rougher type of environment.... And I just think this will be a great place to meet more people that share something in common with me. My past is a little crazy and rebellious, which is why I don't talk with many old "friends" of mine. But over the past two in a half years I was lucky to meet many new people and I wish in continuing to do so.

Which Transplant Center has or will perform your life saving surgery?

Hackensack University

Share how your transplant experience changed your life?

It made me realize that there is more to life that the life I was living. If your going to have a 2nd chance, you need to make the most of it and surround it with the people that are positive.

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  • We miss you

    Happy birthday

  • Happy Birthday Herbert ! 

  • Happy birthday Herbert! Have a great day! You should join us for chat on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 2 pm CDT. Hope to see you there!

  •  Happy Birthday Herbert ! 

  • Hi Herbert,

    I'm not sure if you or your parents were still interested in the mental health survey I have available, but I just wanted to check in.  I hope so! If you are they can email me at caregiverkidneystudy.pgsp@gmail.com and I can send them the link or just shoot me a message/comment back here and I can send you the link here on transplantfriends. I hope all is good with your health!


  • Hi Herbert. Thanks for your response! My survey is meant for your caregiver, but you are welcome to sit with them (I know my parents are not very computer-friendly..) while they fill it out. If both were interested in filling out a separate one, I could send you two links (and they would both get $10 Visa gift cards).  Whatever your parents have time to do would be appreciated.  Also, let me know where you'd like me to send the link(s). An email would be the easiest for me (mine is caregiverkidneystudy.pgsp@gmail.com). Your parents are welcome to contact me also if they have any questions about any of it.

    And that's hilarious what you wrote about your dad snoring. Mine does the same! Its so awesome your parents could be with you while you were in the hospital. It sounds like they really wanted to be supportive for you during that time. 

  • Herbert...Great writing about solitary confinement. It's so true that men in America are caught in a really difficult position. You're not allowed to be emotional or it's defined as "weakness."  The real strength comes from admitting that you are only as human as the rest of us are and being able to ask others for help at times. Holding in emotions only makes us sick! And our own cultural stigmas make us sick. You wrote a lot of truth. Keep bringing it to the community!

    I have a question for you today also. My research I'm doing is looking at how transplants effect caregivers of young recipients, like yourself. Was there anyone in your life that acted as a caregiver during your transplant process? (by caregiver I mean anyone at all that cared for you during this time like parent, sibling, spouse, cousin, grandparent, friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, foster parent, coach, etc.?). If so, I'm offering $10 for any caregivers that will take some time to go online and fill out a survey about their experiences. Let me know if you know someone who might be interested.



  • Hi Herbert,

    I just stumbled on your page and wanted to tell you that its amazing to read this story about somebody so young! I'm 28 and I can't believe all that you've already been through. You should feel proud of your emotional AND physical strength. I myself am a graduate student doing psychology research on kidney transplant recipients. I'm out in California. Your story reminded me of some other research I was doing last year though. I was a part of a group that was studying what our supervisors called the "transformation from evil to good." Please don't be offended by this and let me explain...This study looked at ex-gang members in the San Francisco area who had gone from gang-banging to being a part of positive community organizations (basically gone from "evil" to "good"). It was amazing. I interviewed several of them myself and heard stories that reminded me of yours. Many had gone through life changing circumstances and realized that you only get one shot. Better make it something you can look back and be proud of.  Lots of these guys were in their late 30's and 40's when they came to realize this. You're only early 20's and already have figured that out.  :) 

    The hardest situations always show us who we REALLY are.


  • Happy Birthday to you Herbert
  • Hello Herbert

    Welcome to transplant Friends:) WE meet every sat and Sun 3pm eastern time in our chat room here. Get to know the others.
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