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Found you on Internet in 2006

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Heart Failure

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Cellcept,prograf,vitD,pravastatin,CQ10,toresemide,potassium, nexium,clonazapam,wellbutrin,seroquel,synthroid,norvasc,metoporal,biotin,acidophilus, magnesium,daily vitamin,fish oil,baby aspirin,

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Almost 7

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Resigning up

Which Transplant Center has or will perform your life saving surgery?

Cleveland Clinic

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It has made me a new person. I am more aware of how precious life is and I try to pass my donors legacy on any chance I get

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I am a 59 yo mother. I am on disability but do alot of volunteering for Organ Donation awareness. Due to high cholesterol, a family history of heart problems, and 2 episodes of chest pain that took me to the ER, my Doctor told me that I needed to have a Cardiac Catherization. I worked in a hospital (as an MRI Technologist) so my insurance would only cover this procedure 100% if I had it done in the facility where I worked. I underwent this on 3/8/05, minutes into it the catheter was pushed through my left main artery causing a dissection of that artery. Due to this there was no blood flow to my heart. I had to be defibrillated twice (shocked with paddles) on the table, both times I was aware of the electricity going through me (terrifying to say the least). The hospital I was in was not capable of doing open-heart surgery which I required immediately, I had to be life-flighted to another facility. Due to the delay in getting me into surgery (over 4 hours) I had several heart attacks. The surgeon said to me every time she came in my room “You and I should not be having this conversation, you should not have survived this,God has kept you here for a reason” That statement has kept me going through all of this. There has been significant damage done to my heart. Specifically 36% of my left ventricle is scarred, I have an ejection fraction of 19% (normal is 50-65%)I have lost so much stamina and strength that just simple tasks can be overwhelming. A flight of stairs is like climbing Mt. Everest. I am weak, tired, nauseated, and have to lie down allot due to dizziness and the feeling that I'm going to pass out. I was admitted to The Cleveland Clinic on 5/11/05 and was found to be in severe cardiogenic shock, a life threatening condition. I had to have another Cath done which was an emotional nightmare for my family and myself again. The cardiologist placed 3 stents into my arteries. I was in ICU for 11 days, again, God kept me here. I have been told I will definitely need to have a heart transplant at some point but the longer they can keep my heart in me the better. They tried to keep me off the list by using medication. Unfortunately these meds did not work. July 05 I was found to be at high risk for “sudden cardiac death” which means my heart could just stop. I had a device called an ICD (defibrillator-pacemaker) inserted in my chest. Even if I could get myself strong enough to go back to work, I can no longer do the career of my choice because of the ICD. (This device cannot go in the magnetic field of the MRI machine). On Oct 20, 2007 I was placed on the national transplant list. I have had 2 “dry-runs” I feel my life has been put on hold and everyone else’s lives keep going. I have never been a patient person so waiting is really difficult for me. But with God’s help I am making it through no mater how difficult. After all I do believe he has kept me here for a reason and I want to be able to make that reason come to pass!

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