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Making connections with other transplants.

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UMC, Tucson AZ

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It has allowed me to live 25+ years longer than I would have, and experience all the things those years have brought me.

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  • Happy Birthday Jay and many more to come. take care. come join in the chat room on Saturday and Sunday's 3pm est.

  • Happy Birthday Jay !

  • Hello Jay: Thank you for the anniversary wishes. I have quite a while to reach your amazing 25 yrs out! My birthday is Jul 8th. If you do come back to Tucson for anything, please look me up. Wish you 50 healthy yrs more. Lisa

  • Happy birthday Jay! Have a great day! You should join us for chat on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 2 pm CDT. Hope to see you there!

  •  Happy Birthday Jay !

  • Wow! 26 years, that's got to be a record of sorts huh? Do you still stay in contact with U of A? Who was your coordiantor? I gues Dr. Copeland would have done yours eh? He did mine too. I guess he is now at the San Diego program. I sense huge changes at U of A TX program & I'm not so sure I like it...

  • Hey there! I had my TX at U of A too! When was yours? Who was your team? Who is your TX coordinator? I have tons of questions to ask you if you don't mind. Take care, 'Pat'

  • I live down in Boise, Born and raised in Chicago but have been here since 2005. I know a few folks from up that way. Sand point and other places. Hope all is going well still.
  • Congrats there Jay ! ! I have a buddy here in Cleveland who is close to your 26 years ? I am coming up on 14 early next year ! Hard to believe !  Keep up the good work !
  • Jay

    26 yrs, amazing! I told Dr Copeland I would be his first 50 yr heart transplant recipient. I hope you are doing very well and still have energy beyond belief.I am doing wonderful, and am starting Culinary school in a few months. (A dream I didn't think I could ever accomplish) Are you going to Las Vegas Oct 7-9 with the transplant group? I would love to see you there.
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