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Breast feeding taking prograf??

Hi all! I'm 30 weeks pregnant and taking prograf 4mg 2x a day. I was told by doctors years ago you can't breast feed while on prograf, but after searching web I see there has been study's and it seems like it doesn't hurt the baby it's such a low amount that passes through, but I can't find anything on personal experiences. Is there any moms out there who have breast feed even if it's some breast milk some formula? Please any advice?
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I hate my scar( pink and raised up) !!! yet wouldnt ever give it up completly love the memorey and the girl it stands for that died for me. But i couldnt find creams that worked after my transplant, 10 yrs later i still battle insecurity. Any advice?
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long term effects prograf

Iv had my new liver since 2003, Iv been noticing lately only cuz my bf points it out a lot that i have problems focusing, hearing, and remembering things that just happend or where i put something. Right now theres two things i been looking for around the house for days, have no idea where i put. I dont know if im crazy or if it could be meds.
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