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Prograf, myfortic, vit c/calcium, magnesium

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Golng on 8yrs

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I wish to share my experiences,

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I was given 3yrs pre tx and guaranteed 3yrs post, still going strong @ 80 yrs!

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I've had colitis since 18, post tx my colitis is gone! Just found out that my grandson , 11 yrs ,has hemochromatosis, ( high iron in his blood)His doc says he carries both genes,and suspects that I also have the condition. Will be going for tests in the new year. Has any one out there have this condition?

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I go to my gym ever other day, I golf in the summer, my wife and I garden, we have two children and two grandchildren.

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Kirkland, Quebec, Canada

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  • As you are my first friend to respond ,I thank you. Seasons Greetings. ! Joe Taylor , Canada.

  • Hi Joe, Welcome To Transplantfriends.

This reply was deleted.

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