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10 months

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I'm still alive .... Life is good

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I'm not sure what I can do with my new life, used to ride motor cycles ,play golf, fish, hunt, spent time with my family.

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  • Hi John,

    Thank you for your service too!

  • Hi John

    Email me transplantbuddies@gmail.com and I will send you a newsletter

    Thank you


  • Happy Birthday John and many more to come. take care. come join in the chat room on Saturday and Sunday's 3pm est.

  • Happy Birthday John

  •  Happy Birthday John ! 

  • Hi. Do not get discouraged. My AST is 176.It went up to 385 at one time. My ALT is 160, it should be below 36 and my ALP is 87 still within normal range. It has been high since I was about a year out. I too have had Hep C for I am guessing over 30 years. I still travel, volunteer and live my life. Do what you have to do.Stay positive. Any extra time was a gift.

  • Welcome aboard. How are you adjusting to your new medications? It is nice to be able to enjoy the holidays here on earth:)

  • Hey John I saw you ask someone on how they  can drink so much water ? Easy just force yourself. Best thing for those kidneys when taking Prograf or any of thos eother meds. That stuff can be really hard on those kidneys. I Have really be drinking plenty of water now for a long long time. I went back to work 6 months post txp until 6 yeras ago and I used to drink about 1 gallon of water in my office !!!! Every day ! Will celebrate 15 years with my new heart in a few months.

  • Welcome to tx friends John. Have a good one.

  • Welcome John.  I got my heart 2 yrs. ago this week at UTSW. I think it is a wonderful place.  Even after 6 wks prior in ICU, I still call it the "happy" hospital.

    Enjoy your new life!

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