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prednisone, Myfortic, Furosemide, Leverotheroxide, Diamox, Aranesp Injection, ICap Vitamins Leuten Enhanced, Vitamin D, Calcium, Atacand, Provastatin, Allopurinol, Fish Oil Capsules, 1 a day vitamin, Valcyte, Potassium 3 a day

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22-81.5 months as of July 2013. My kidney failed and I am getting a new kidney on Nov. 14, 1013

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Interested in hearing what everyone has to say. Use these venues as a support group. Learn from others and maybe help someone with my years of experience.

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University of Wisconsin Hospitals & clinics, Madison, WI

Share how your transplant experience changed your life?

It has given me up to this far 23additional years of wonderful life!! I love and appreciate each day and realize the importance of the small things in life. Living on dialysis for the past 3 months and now looking forward to my "next" kidney transplant really helps me realize how much God is in charge of my life.

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http://www.facebook/judithpearlpulaski My website: http://www.raccoonridge.com

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I am a painter of acrylics and porcelain. I paint realistic art including landscapes, wildlife, florals and portraits..

What Part of The World Do you Live? Feel free to share city, state, country

Kendall, Wisconsin USA

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  • Hello,how r u ?
  • Thanx Judith for ur advice. I m frm Bsngladesh and did my tx frm India. Here nephrologist r not so expart. After that they r doing their best. Your guidence and valuable advice will help me to maintine my bonus life, if u don't mind. It almost 12 weeks of my post tx. Tell me the things which i need to follow most regurding your experience.Mostly my water intake and diet. Doctor told me to take 3 to 4 litres/24 hrs. Is there any problem if i take 6 litrers ? I have heaviness on my operated site, is it happened to u ? No more question now. Sorry, hope not disturb u a lot. How is ur dialysis going ? Hope well. U know donor is very available here because they r so poor and they need money.I also take my kidney frm a poor person. May My god help him. By d way write u later. Take care
  • Was happy that u complited almost 23 yrs but now sad to know that u r on dialysis. Hope to get a good donor soon. I had my tx 11 weeks back. My donor was living unrelated one. Had 50% match. Want ur all advice tjat u followed in life. Take care.
  • Hello Judith, I truly hope your donor is a match, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Hello Judith, I am sorry here about your kidney. I hope you get one soon. You on dialysis? I  will keep you in my prayers. Take Care!

  • Hello Judith, bumer to here your Kidney is not doing so good. All the best, take care.

  •  Happy Happy Birthday Judy ! Have a wonderfull day ! 

  • HI lisa from chicago, thanks for weight loss tip and fitness pal, i joined and im trying ,hope i can stick with it thanks so much, let me now how your dong with goals  thanks

  • Dear Judith

    You are a gifted and talented artist. I can see and feel your passion just from looking at your work and of course your students work as well.  I love all your art but when I saw "Kiss baby"  my heart melted.

    WOW!  I am going to add your website to our resources page here.

  • Where can I see your art? I would love to see all of your drawings.

This reply was deleted.

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