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Foamy urine

Hi,Been getting foamy urine for a few days. Creatnine was 1.25 during the last labs but there were traces of albumin. Did any of you experience this? Is there something that should be done?

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Need some advice. Really worried



It's been 7.5 years since my transplant and things have been pretty stable. This week, my creatnine increased from 1.33 to 1.46 and tacrolimus is at 2.3. I got my labs done after 3 months. Off late I have started to see bubbles in my urine, maybe

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Wbc of 14000.

HiAm 2 years and 6 months post renal transplant. My wbc levels have been slightly above normal for 9 months. Recent labs my wbc went upto 14000.With high neutrophils.I have acne which is severe at times.Creatinine levels have been normal. I missed my

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