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Born with one kidney, the other was tired so it was trying to retire. Refused Dialysis for 3 years....Started paratineal when I was at 2% function with one kidney. I was never sick until about the last month or so before transplant and only vomitted in the morning, then was fine...I am greatful for the 2 kidneys, however, had I known that I would look completely different beginning 5-6 month after transplant, I would have never had it. I had a much better quuality of life before the transplant. I am only exsisting now and it sucks.

Which Organ(s) did you receive? If you are on the waiting list, please share.

I received 2 kidneys

Drugs, vitamins, favorite foods

Too many drugs, magnisium. I don't really have any favorite foods anymore, since transplant I have no cravings, nothing ever sounds good. I live on salad and greek yogurt. if I sont have it I just dont eat. Still gained 50+ lbs. Im miserable.

How many years have you had your Transplant for?

June 27th 2016 will be 3 miserable years...

I am Interested in Transplant Friends because...

Just for information, I can't be the only on that feels, crazy, fat and disgusting looking.....ugh

Which Transplant Center has or will perform your life saving surgery?

Houston Methodist Transplant Center....Once your transplanted, they check on you but dont give a crap about helping to fix any side effects.

Share how your transplant experience changed your life?

Well, nothing good. I felt fine all the way down to 2% function on 1 kidney. I refused dialysis for 3 yrs. Did not need it as far as I was concerned. Started peritoneal Sept. 2012 thru June 26 2013 transplant 27th. Don't really feel different actually have only felt 100 time worse. All I know is, I'm not the same person I was & I certainly don't look the same and it sucks!!

Share whatever information you want us to know about you

I think the above says it all,,,,After Transplant, I simply exist...I am not going to functions or out unless I have to. I look disgusting!! I have never been fat buit am now and I refuse to be seen.

Share your interests and hobbies

Not now

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  • Greetings and Welcome to Transplants Friends Kathrina. And try to join us in the chat room Saturdays and Sundays at 3 pm EST / 12pm PST. Take care.

  • Hello Kathrina

    What a beautiful name! Welcome to Transplant Friends! I hope you like our site.

    Take care and feel free to share as much as you like.

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