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Don't know

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Prograf, Atenelol, Magnesium, Septra, Lipitor, Lisinipril, Azathioprine, filodipine

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Just want to see what others experience

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Translife Orlando

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My time was spent tired and sick with many occasions around the toilet sick. I was in for 5 surgeries in 4 months and they couldn't even get needles in to me to put me to sleep. My life on PD was hell, the treatments didn't work very well for me and the machine treatments were uncomfortable to say the least. I was continuing to work at a physically demanding job at the request of my tx team because they said the double insurance would help my chances of a transplant. I was exhausted, sick and at the end of my patience and ready to stop all treatment when I got the call. I woke up feeling like my old self again and have never looked back. There's been ups and downs, times when my creatin was normal at 2.6. Episodes of the start of rejection early on but after about 8 months my kidney and I came to an agreement I think. I communicate with my donor family and my guilt of someone passing to keep me alive has eased. I'm thankful all the time that I got a second chance to enjoy my grandchildren and fight through the side effects of drugs to try to be the mild manor person I once was with limited success. I think though that all in all I might have left more good memories of our time together than bad or at least I hope. Would I deal well with going back to being sick again? I don't think so and say now that I don't think I would go through that again but who knows what would happen in the moment.

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I worry all the time that this good part of my life will come to an end one day. I suffer from severe back problems that the doctors feel they could help somewhat with surgery but I fear upsetting the balance or worse getting an infection and making more harm than good. I probably will end up some time soon in a wheel chair with the back if I don't do something but still have not made a move toward changing that scenario. Healthcare, big business, drug companies, insurance are all on my list of peeves and I vote accordingly. I think all politicians need to be on our side of the fence health wise to qualify for the position. They need to live by the standards they govern and not by the special system they set up for themselves. One term in office should not qualify them for a lifetime guarantee of all the things they oppose for us and label entitlements. I wonder all the time how many people in our position have died because they weren't as lucky to have the right insurance.

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I like trying to keep everything in good repair sometimes to a fault. I keep all the families cars running and house repair problems in check to the point of making my life too hectic at times. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren because I know that's a limited window of opportunity. I enjoy travel because I get to see and experience other lifestyles. I am probably (no mostly) too opinionated and can't seem to keep that to myself most of the time. I guess that I feel that time is precious now and I don't have time to pussy foot around worrying about who I might offend if I say what's on my mind. Love me or hate me, it just don't matter to me like it once did.

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Florida USA but would really like to try another country

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  • Ken, I just read your response to Jake, the young Canadian.  You mentioned that you're paying a lot for your transplant meds.  I just wanted to let you know that we struggled with trying to figure out my husband's transplant meds as well.  He was insured under my employer until I retired in June.  What we did was to purchase Part D for him, but also a supplement.  The supplement picks up the balance of whatever Part B doesn't pay, including for the transplant meds, so we pay nothing.  His supplement costs $189/month but given all of his other medical expenses, we think it's a good deal.  Just thought this might help you as well.

  • Hi Ken
    Welcome to TRansplant Friends! Thank you for taking the time to fill out your profile. You inspire me to think. I hope you post to our forum often.

This reply was deleted.

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