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I have been diabetic (Type 1) since I was 17. (I am now 53) When I was 35, I started to have difficulties. I lost sight in one of my eyes, and required a ton of laser surgury. Then I began to have atrophy in my legs. By the time I turned 47, my kidneys were beginning to fail. I was on dialysis for 2 1/2 years before my son Drew gave me his kidney, and saved my life. It has been three years since I had the transplant.

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I am on 100 mg of mycophenolate, and 8 of tacrolimus daily

How many years have you had your Transplant for?

Three years

I am Interested in Transplant Friends because...

I would love to chat with people who have been through the same adventure I have.

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University of Cincinnati, in 2010.

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I was the only person at the dialysis clinic, who got a transplant. I was in the hospital 22 times in the two years before I got my transplant. I feel sure I would have died without it.

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In the last four years I have been lucky enough to welcome 4 !/2 grandchildren. (My son Drew, who generously gave me one of his kidneys, and his wife Sarah, are having their second child in December.) I feel so grateful, and blessed that I got to know and love them!

Share your interests and hobbies

I love to read (about 11 books a week) and listen to music. I love to go on facebook to see my grandchildren's pictures. Having six brothers, I have always been a huge sports fan. I love football and basketball, but my favorite hobby is watching golf. I have been a Tiger fan for his entire career.

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I live in Huber Heights, Ohio.

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  • Hi karry. Is this important to take pangraf and myfortic in an empty stomach ??
  • Hi Kerry, I am feeling really great. I am a Poppy of 3 grand kids, Boy 8, Girl 3 and another Boy of 1. I was on CAPD at home for 1 yr and then had to go on hemo for 6 mo. My daughter went to middle school and high school with a really good girl friend and her husband wanted to donate. He was a match and we flew them in from Phoenix to Ann Arbor and eveything went well. He was a Superman and lifted to much wt and got a hernia. He finally recovered after 7-8 mo. I recovered much sooner. Take care.

  •  Hey Kerry, An amazing story, Congrats on your miracle,  my story .. hmm well I was an avid outdoorsy type of a person , baseball/softball 4 to 5 x a week, bowled 3 to 4 x a week hunting fishing as much as possible, camping Kayaking white water rafting , End of March 1993  I got sick,     it was so warm here in Central NY that particular march  that I had spring time allergys starting early and working retail I thought I had Allergies and a left over cold,  3 weeks later when I went to the doctor's  I had Bronchittius that turned into Phnumonia , Fluid filled my lungs, fluid all around the heart damaged my Heart muscle,  which is once its damaged there is no fixing it , couple months later was givin the bad news I was eventually going to need a heart tx,  made it a couple of years ok  no problems , then my cardio doc placed a pacemaker / defibulator in, January of 95 get sick with the flu ,  My pcp doctor  thought I had lung issues , which I was actually in heart failure , next 6 months  in the hospital a week home a week in 2 weeks home a week ETC:  my Cardio Doc contacts my tx cntr  in july, October I go get evaluated ,  January I have to have a couple tests done at tx cntr, where I am giving my options, Milranone pump, millranone is a heart medication that increases the heart pumping ability,  or I could get an LVAD which is a heartpump/artifical heart per say, I opted for the LVAD , mainly because of being O neg.  I knew my wait would be a long one, I get listed at  1 - A  Status 16 months later my tx cntr contacts the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, get evaluated there listed, now I have duel listings,  memorial day weekend in 2010  I go to my sisters for the weekend cook outs,   that tuesday am pretty sick,  dehydrated mostly  june 4 go to hospital localy,  Cardio doc tells me Cleveland is sending a plane, to cleveland we go,  get a couple of tests updated wisdom teeth pulled, now its sunday June 9th 2:00 pm sitting watching a Nascar race in the hospital when I get the phone call we have a heart ,   midnight I go to the pre opt area, 1 : 30 am to the OR  opt starts I was told just before 4:00 am .. 4 hours later in ICU recovery 11 days later out of the hospital at thier hotel for the next 3 1/2 weeks then home .. I find it Funny,  I waited 16 months at my home tx cntr  ....  4 days in Cleveland  ....  God does work in mysterious ways .... this is my shortened  story ... 

  • Hello Kerry, glad to be a friends, hope your doing well. Enjoy the day.

  • Good Morning Kerry. I just couldn't help but comment on your wonderful son.  I think your story is so beautiful and full of hope. Goodness, all of you are literally  giants not only in height but in every other way. I am 5'1 or 5'2" depending on who measures me. My grandfather was 5' even and both grandmothers were 4'11" and my father and mother were both small as well.

    Congratulations on your Rolls Royce and your three years. I am sincerely happy for you.  I don't know much about kidney transplant and am fighting with all I have to keep my 1.4 creatine level where it is. I have no intentions of going into the realm of kidney transplant at my age. Keep doing great friend.

  • Awe Kerry. I would love to be your friend. We are all in this transplant world together. There is nothing better than a loving friend who understands your bumps in the road. Thanks for asking me.

  • Hi Kerry

    Welcome to Transplant Friends! I am so happy you joined us. You have so much to share with us.


  • Hi Kerry, welcome welcome to Tx friends. What a loving gift you have received from your son. Your story is very inspiring.  Don't we grandmothers love our our grandchildren? They truly "light up one's life."  Take care now.

  •   Greetings Kerry , Welcome to Friends ! 

  • Hi Kerry

    Welcome to Transplant Friends!

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