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kidney failure

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Sandimmun Neoral, Immuran, Prednisone, Vitamin D, Mezym, Clonazepam

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I want to exchange information and experience with other transplanted people

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  • Hi Lilly,

    At the time, this was a one off experiment to save my life.


  • Hi Lilly,

    I take 25 MG Imuran;5 MG Prednisolone;2.5 MG Warfarin; and 25 MG Tensig. I also had a special artery operation to stop my Kidney rejecting. There is no match with my Kidney. My blood type is Bneg. My donor was O pos. I had a lot of problems after my transplant. But the special artery operation, and a dose of Atgam did the trick. My Creatinine is .08.




  • Thank you Lilly for joining us on Social Sharing. If you have a facebook page, please share our websites.

  • In regards to your questions since I am not a doctor and do not know about medications and their side effects except for the drugs that I take, I really cannot say to you if your drugs are  causing your current problems.  I always look at my diet when I am not feeling well and also my stress level. I ask myself some questions and often times I can find the culprit that contributes to my problems and I try another approach.  I believe something that does go wrong with the body never acts alone.  You can always improve your health even if you take transplant medications. That is my belief. Maybe it is a form of healthy denial?  This is how I deal with my problems in life. I ask myself questions and try and find simply solutions.

    I hope you feel better. Have you looked at the information in our groups about better sleep?

  • Hello Lilly, welcome to tx friends, glad you joined our group.

  • Hi Lilly

    Welcome to Transplant Friends:) If you have any questions just ask.

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