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I had the pleasure of knowing Donna Mansell when we were both having heart surgery in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I haven't spoken to Donna since I visited her in hospital after her marriage, I had no idea that she had passed away. I wanted to share my respect to her husband

Which Transplant Center has or will perform your life saving surgery?

I have has open heart surgery at QE

Share how your transplant experience changed your life?

My surgery saved my life, I contracted Sub Acute Bacterial Endocarditis (SBE) in 2005, resulting in Aortic Valve Replacement and 4 months of intrevenous antibiotics, had I had not had the surgery I would have died. Thanks to all the staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, they saved my life. God Bless

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  • " Happy Birthday Linda ! "

  • Happy birthday Linda! Have a great day! You should join us for chat on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 2 pm CDT. Hope to see you there!

  •  Happy Birthday Linda ! 

  • Happy Birthday Linda!


    Enjoy your special day.

  • That is Wonderful to hear you got to Travel:) Congrats on doing so well! I had a Kidney Transplant in June 2009 and I have Never been Healthier! My sister who donated the Kidney is also Great. My wife and I are going on a Cruise in May from Rome so very excited for that:) The winters here in North Dakota get very long,so like to get away! Have a Wonderful weekend. Thanks for responding back!....Mark
  • Welcome Linda to Transplant Friends:)

    Let us know if you have any questions. Click on settings to create your My Place page here. Always click on SAVE when making changes.
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