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University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle

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I have been listed for transplant of the liver due to HepC, cirrhosis, for 3 years now. I am listed at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. Transplant Buddies was the first place I went when I found that I needed a transplant as I went through evaluation process. Everyone walked and talked me through the procedure and help me with my anxiety. I have not been participating alot lately due to progression of my disease, but try and keep up the best I can while I wait. I am also a RN and worked ER for 21 years. This has allowed me to sometimes be of help to those looking to interpret lab and diagnostic tests. Lastly, I am a vocalist and artist of sorts and continue to enjoy creating as long as I am able.

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  • Thinking of you Linda

  • Hi Linda,

    whenever you are able to and up to posting,  just say hi.  Sometimes people just post inspiring quotes that lift them up. When something lifts you up just share. I believe this instills the greater sense of positiveness from within. You are very special!! Love, Rise'

  • I see you popped on. How are you? Please send me a message.

    love, Rise'

  • You're from Seattle? My bf's from Bainbridge Island, WA! Unlike u tho, my Cirrhosis is cryptogenic, meaning it's unknown.  It's not hepatic cirrhosis (like urs), alcoholic, auto-immune, or any other known forms of cirrhosis, it's just there!  Even though my MELD score is about 12, it's not important as to when i get my transplant.  I have a living donor who is willing to go through the procedure, and all I'm waiting for is the medical clearance from my PAH, since the medications to treat PAH is VERY damaging on the liver, and WILL speed up the deterioration.  So, as soon as I get clearance, my living donor can get screened&a date can be set.It'll happen VERY fast once i get the clearance, but it's taking FOREVER to get that clearance! Good luck to you! BTW, my blog is: www.pre-livertransplantjitters.blogspot.com  You can read more about me there, ttyl! Also, please "Join this Site" on the right side of the page of my blog.Follow the steps in the pop-up window.  Feel free to invite ur friends! Thx!
  • Thanks! No, insurance is not a problem, I have Medicaid w/HIP and I'm on SSI (Supplemental Security Income) which I was denied 2x for, and the third time was a charm!  It's not much, and I'm not eligible for SSDI, because I haven't worked long enough, I'm only 30, and became disabled at 26.  Not even enough time to start a career.  I did, however, go to Katharine Gibbs and got my Associate Degree in office admin-Law, Legal Secretary, and worked for a total of 6 yrs.  My main reason for the fundraiser is for my living donor, who will be out of work for 6wks, luckily, she works at a church and her boss is a priest!  Couldn't ask for a more understanding boss than that!  Nevertheless, I do not want her working (even though she can work at home from her computer) while she's healing from the hepatectomy.  Also, I'm fundraising for things that my insurance doesn't cover, which, fortunately, is not a lot.  My insurance covers me, the pre & post transplant, my donor, all of the screening for a donor (that's NY Law), so the money will mostly go to her (rent, bills, child care for me as well as her).  4 yrs, huh?  I went through a 'run-around' trying to find the right clinic that would take my insurance, and that wasted a crutial 5 yrs for me, so, I'm not on the 'active' list yet, because I don't have medical clearance cause not only am I a stage 4 cirrhotic, I have severe Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, which, at the pressures it's at right now, I would not survive the operation.  Think of your arteries like straws, and if there's gunk in those straws, and during the transplant I will be on life-support, the blood cannot flow through the arteries properly, and I will fall into cardiac arrest.  But once I get medical clearance from the PAH, then, my Dr. will put me on the emergency transplant list.  I've waited long enough, and they know that, they also know that once my PAH is at a tolerable level, it's imperative that time is crutial&transplantation is immed.
  • I Am still looking for the site with the pin..
    But I came across this site.. You can make things with your art and sell it you need to scroll down to find it...
    On this site: http://www.zazzle.co.uk/hepatitis+c+gifts
  • Hi Linda I saw them for sale but I have to research the Hepatitis C sites wear I got the picture from.
    It seems a lot of things for Hepatitis C awareness are slowing down. I belong to a few groups and I am not getting T Shirts and Flyers any longer from them. I will look for the pin later this evening when I am laying and watching TV.. How are you? I am doing great had my first Ultra Sound and Doppler done on my Donor Within and all was normal. My first time in my life time I had a normal scan...
    My e mail is catsgoing@comcast.net... I couldn't send an e mail to you because we weren't friends. I don't like that feature on these ning sites... I love this ning but not being able to just e mail is strange. Hope your doing well. Hugs Cathy
  • Wonderful art Linda your a Gift To This Earth.. I am laying here on my laptop watching your art flow by it is breath taking....
  • Thanks Linda! I am doing well. I have my second bronch tomorrow. I pray there is no rejection. One of these days I will get to chat. For the last several weeks I have had family here to help me. Next week things will start to get back to normal for me. No more guests - I will be on my own! I need to get caught up on all the Tx Buddies posts too. So much to do! I love it - because I can do all these things now!! I hope you are feeling well. Talk to you soon!
  • Praying You Get Your Gift Of Life Liver Transplant Soon

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