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I have a new outlook on everything, and have been reborn. Since I have eliminated most of my old habits, I have seen my body begin to return to normal ( which I really did not know what NORMAL was).

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  • Happy Birthday to you Mikey

  • Hey Mikey !   Happy Birthday ! 

  • Happy birthday Mikey! Have a great day! You should join us for chat on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 2 pm central time. Hope to see you there!

  •  Hey Mikey !   Happy Birthday ! 

  • Hey Mikey! Glad you're doin OK. Yep , the prograf does do a number on the kidneys..Mine are about 33% and dropping. My kidney spec told me that it will not get any better but by talking with my team and dropping the prograf as much as possible, it may not get any worse..hope so.. Live well, my friend!
  • thanks mikey i just thank god everyday that my cousin was able to be my donor and that nothing else has gone wrong in my life my life has not been the best but you got to make the best out of it. if you want i have a website www.jordandelricci.com if you want you can check it out
  • well i have been walking everyday but am i suppose to be starting rehab treatment because its been 3 months almost 4 and i have not started rehab treatment

  • Hey Mikey ! Its great to here from you as always.  Ive been riding about 9 times this year.We have had a rainy spring.But I road today and cut the grass.Motorcycle is way better than John Deer for riding.I hope all is well and the Lord continues his blessings on us.Peace...
  • Hi, Glad to see your post on Liver Transplant....... I also have issues with keeping up with exercise due to this dang neuropathy!!! Got to keep on moving or else....


    Congratulations 2 years <3

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