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Kidney transplant on 01/06/2015

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Pan graph , cellcept, wysolone

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3 months

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I like to share my experience , and would like to be updated with real life experiences of others .m

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Apollo hospital , Delhi, India

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Unexplainable , far better life, energetic, feels healthy , positive mind !

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Enjoy the life

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India , Delhi

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  • Hi manish
    I was transplanted 1year back my creatinine was well controlled between 1.0-1.2 for first three months but then CMV and UTI involved and it went all over the chart as high as 2.3 then after clearence of infection it setteled around 1.4-1.5 but again on 10-09-15 it went up to 1.69 reason came was +BK virus now medication have been changed lets see where it settles
    Yes DR GULERIA is my surgeon
    We can chat on whatts app as well my no is 9814002313
  • Thanks @kidneyboy & @hostess rise ,
    All good so far , creatinine is 1.59 latest but my Hb has gone down from 12.9 to 10.8, and platelates gone down from 1,66,000/- to 1,12,000/- , could there be any specific reason, I m drinking 8 litres of water a day, I can easily drink that much I hope that's not the problem !
  • Creatinine is affected by hydration (physical activity, illness, medications....) Think of the body as a vessel. When you are dehydrated (sweating,) the concentration of Creatinine in the blood is higher, when you are properly hydrated the Creatinine is "diluted" or lower.  This is why it is very important to maintain adequate hydration, especially when exercising or in hot weather.  It takes very little to affect your creatinine level, for this reason doctors use the reading to identify trends over weeks to judge kidney function, rather than one blood test.  Stay well!  

  • Hello Austin

    Welcome to Transplant Friends!  Congratulations on receiving your Tx and I hope you are well.

  • Welcome Austin to Transplant Friends!

    Thank you for joining us!

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