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Kidney faliure due to high bp

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Mofilet 500 mg twice Grafnos 2.5 mg twice Wysolone 10 mg morning Septran one Time Amtas 5 mg twice Valstead 450 mg twice

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7 months 17 August 2017

I am Interested in Transplant Friends because...

There is fluctuations in my cretenine level. Now it is increasing.

Which Transplant Center has or will perform your life saving surgery?

Apollo Sarita vihar Delhi

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These days I am in tremendous pressure due to spikes in cretenine level. It is 1.89 now. I defected cmv virus last month. At that time cretenine was 2.19 and it got reduced to 1.4 after one week of hospitalization but again it is up to 1.89 which is alarming for me.

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I want to keep this level within range need suggestions. I never took any food outside of my house. I use to do morning walk regularly drinking 3- 4 litter water but nothing is going in my way.

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As such my hobbies is playing cricket but not playing since I diagnosed a renal failure.

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Ghazibad, Uttar Pradesh, India

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  • Kisko dikha rahe hain aap, 

  • Thank you for approving my profile.

    I am concerned about my serum cretenine spike. I have been diagnosed CMV virus on 8 the Feb 2018 after 6 months of transplant. All of sudden cretenine rose up to 2.19 from 1.36 and after 1 week of hospitalization it got decreased to 1.4 but again within 3 weeks it rising at this moment it is showing 1.89 . I am having doctor appointment today. Rest everything is looks normal except acidity problem. Hb is 15. 3 as of now.

    I use to go for morning walk for 2- 3 killo meyem everymorning drinking 3-4 literl water on daily basis. 


    Can anyone is having any suggestions to keep this devil under limit ??


  • Welcome Manoj to Transplant Friends!

This reply was deleted.

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