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I have not received any kidney transplants or other organs, but am very interested to hear about others' experiences.

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I have not had a transplant.

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I am a future psychologist with an interest in helping the kidney transplant community. Please share your story with me if you are a recipient or caregiver of a recipient and let me know how we can improve mental health services for transplant recipients and their families!

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  •  Happy Birthday Mariana ! 

  • Hi Mariana...

    Sorry, I have not responded before now. I have been blessed with two kidney transplants; one in 1994 and the other in 2009...

  • Happy Birthday Mariana. Have a Great Day.

    Mr. T

  • Happy birthday Mariana! Have a great day! You should join us for chat on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 2 pm central time. Hope to see you there!

  •  Happy Birthday Mariana ! 

  • i was at home with me parents after the transplant. the only care i got of em was they cook some food an make cups of tea lol everything else i did my self. 

  • Yea I would love to fill it out or does my caregiver's have to? My whole family would take turns visiting me since i only could be in a room with 2,3 people max... Uusually my parents took care of my needs while I recovered.. Although my dad wanted to stay in the hospital room with me, he snores way too loud so I told my mom to stay instead! haha let me know when you send it to me because I get notifications sent to my email

  • Mariana (our names are very similar) Mine is MariAnna. : )

    It took me over a decade of dialysis before I finally got the nerve up to have a Kidney Transplant. I did my research and wasn’t convinced that transplantation was worth the risks. (Side effects from medications ex. Weight gain, acne..etc. possibility of developing diabetes, and increased risk of cancer…and the list goes on.) I had done pretty well on Peritoneal Dialysis after all.  I had my transplant in May of 2009. My X-husband donated a kidney. Going into the transplant, things were "iffy" because I am on blood thinners for a genetic clotting disorder (Factor V Leiden). I did some research prior to my transplant and knew this complicated things. The whole transplant experience is a blur to me even now. In the beginning the kidney was working beautifully! I was getting prepared to go home.  I had to have some blood transfusions and shortly after that it seems like things quickly started going downhill. I had to have several ultrasounds of the kidney, then exploratory surgery to see if it had clotted off.  At that time they felt they could still save the kidney. I had to go through several rounds of Plasmapheresis. Sadly, they had to remove the Kidney and I had to go back on Dialysis. The entire experience was devastating. The whole year it took me and my donor to do the work-up as well as all I had to endure during the transplant, only to lose the kidney- was heartbreaking.  I have not even thought about another transplant. I am however, trying to do some research on Factor V Leiden and transplantation- and how  much this had to do with my failed transplant. There are a lot of unanswered questions that I have, but most importantly- I need to know if I am even a candidate for a second transplant. I am still on Peritoneal Dialysis (since Feb of 1999) and am blessed to feel well enough to work out every day and work a full-time job. For the most part, I live  as close to a normal life style as possible. But being on Dialysis long term can take its toll as well.  There is always that thought of WHAT IF? What if If I had a successful transplant, the side effects weren’t so bad, and could enjoy not having to be connected to a machine, and not have to worry constantly about every single item I put in my mouth,  potassium & phosphorus being constantly out of whack etc…

    That's a big WHAT IF?


  • Hey Mariana, I'm glad my story was able to get you excited at least a little. Coming across a lot of stories my self along the way I realized that life has so much more money then the "ghetto". Although if you told me that 2 years ago I would probably say it's because you just have it good, I realized that it's not being having it good but believing everything will eventually be good. I guess in a way that's why I became more religious and decided to help and also share my story and my blog with others.

    Not surprised you haven't met many young 20 year olds like me, to be honest I did street business with people that were in their 30's or higher. I just used the younger kids that were my age to give them knowledge on how to work the streets so I can build my respect. However, the street way is not the right way and only leads to 2 places, death and prison. It's amazing how far so many people come, I think those who suffer from depression or anxiety need to give themselves more credit because it's not that they are too weak to deal with their problems, but really that they been holding strong for way too long.

    Putting love in Jesus first and reading the sacrifices he has done for us, despite if God doesn't forgive me for all my many sins, I will still try my best to follow the true words of life. Although I will admit I will probably mess up along the way, no ones perfect but at least I know I'll be trying hard.

    Thanks for taking time and reading my story, I have a Facebook page and just started a fan page with my blog attached to it so I can continue to write daily about my life, life and just issues that I deal with which many people are afraid to talk about. 

  • Mariana

    I had my transplant 12.10.90  but I also had a second transplant in 1999 of my brother as a living donor. I was on dialysis the first time for ten years and was 28 on 1st transplant. I would need your e mail address to send you my book as its on word document. The book finishes at the age of 29.

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