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Depresssion - an inside look

Found this blog a few months ago. The author has added some entries recently that may help us to understand what depression looks and feels like, in a light-hearted and sometimes funny manner. The illustrations are wonderful and incredibly thought pr

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The farmer and the truck

When I was a boy, there was a summer that I spent with my best friend's grandparents on their farm. The old man had an ancient Ford pickup truck that he used to get around the hilly terrain of his land, rain or shine. It was rusty in places, the gear

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Who Knew?

Total living transplant recipients in the U.S. = 183,222

Heart - 19,308
Heart/Lung - 244
Intestine - 678
Kidney - 109,500
Kidney/Pancreas - 7,225
Liver - 42,286
Lung - 6,731
Pancreas after Kidney - 1,593
Pancreas transplant alone - 860

source http:

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