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Congestive heart failure My husband needs a heart transplant

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Heart Listed 1B

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Many heart meds

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I am always looking for information and need support

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Seton Austin TX

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My husband is waiting for transplant. He is home on IV drip

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We have been spending several months a year in FL but not while hes on the list

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Rockdale, TX, United States

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  • Update.  One year ago March 13 my husband of 40 years was blessed with a new heart!! 

    His year has been amazing with only one short rejection. As I write this he’s working in the yard!

    He got so sick he lost 75 lbs in 75 days. It looked as if there was no hope. After 13 months  on IV and then a VAD surgery which almost took his life he got the call. What a shock when it came!

    He suffered a stroke during surgery and couldn’t use the right side of his body and didn’t know anyone.  About 5 days later it just went away!

    We were blessed with the most precious gift anyone can receive  My children have there Dad again, the Grandkids got their Poppy back, his Mother got her son back etc etc  I got my life’s partner back!  

    Thank God for this chance to spend more time together  Never give up!!  Sometimes when it seems there’s no hope left everything changes.

    Good luck to all who are waiting and those who’s TX haven’t gone as well. Thank God for a donor!!  


  • My husband was ill for many years and in and out of the hospital constantly before and after his heart transplant. I was working full time and went back and forth to the hospital. Fortunately my job allowed me flexibility. I found a few things that helped me cope. I love to read and found that it relaxed me when I was in the hospital with him. Find some that you find relaxing and you enjoy. I also learned not to sweat the small stuff and took it one day at a time. Don't be too hard on yourself. Unfortunately, my husband lived only 15 months after his transplant. He was angry and didn't feel well and usually took it out on me. I understood why but finding something to help me relax that I enjoyed helped me get through it.

    Good luck and my prayers are with you. Linda


  • Got it! Thanks

  • Hi Mary, I sent you a message also. Email me if I can help you in any way. My email is in the message. Judy
  • Greetings and Welcome to Transplants Friends, Mary and husband. And try to join us in the chat room Saturdays and Sundays at 3 pm EST / 12pm PST. Take care.2916627?profile=original

  • Welcome Mary and Husband to Transplant Friends!

    Thank you for joining us.

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