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Kidney & Pancreas

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I received a Pancreas 7 kidney in 2011

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some rejection drugs, very few

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17 months

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common intrest

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Cal Pacific in San Fransisco

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No more diabetes

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Iam a amputee and walk with prosthetic ,very active and healthy

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Rodeo -bike riding -camping

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Redding Ca,usa

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  • I'm very glad things are going well with your transplants. It's pretty awesome what medicine in general can do now a days. Just keep taking your meds on time, stay hydrated and think positive. Add a touch of luck and hopefully you'll have a happy and healthy kidney and pancreas for years to come. Ya know?

    My daughter, Taylor's situation is scary for us all. The thoughts that run through my head I would never wish upon anyone. She seems to be doing good with things though. She understands that transplants unfortunately don't last forever and that she will eventually need another one. (We were just hoping that would be later rather than sooner) but.. Whatever time she has with this kidney, we are grateful for. We just got back from the hospital where we had follow up labs accomplished. Hopefully those come back ok. (Fingers crossed). I cringe every time she has to go get blood work now. I can't help but think what will be wrong now? Ya know?

    Thank you for asking about her and keeping her in your thoughts and prayers. You are in ours as well.

    Talk soon,

  • Hey Mike.. How you feeling? How's the weather out there in beautiful California? It's currently cold, windy and snowing here in the northeast. I've been out to California before. My wife and I got engaged in San Fran as a matter of fact. Asked her to marry me on one of the piers out there. Loved San Fran :)
  • Welcome Mike. I am new to this site as well. Glad to see people are joining. I found this site just the other night while sitting beside my daughters hospital bed. She is 15 years old and had her kidney transplant when she was 6. Things have been going well for the most part up until a week ago when she went in to have her monthly labs and there was a spike in her creatinine along with elevated proteinuria. Biopsy just the other day showed Chronic Humoral Rejection. Although they are unable to stop chronic rejection, there is a fairly new way they are trying to slow the rejection process down. I believe it's actually a process that doctors out your way started (cedar Siani Hospital). So we are hoping this works! We have a follow up appointment this coming Tuesday to check labs. Keeping our fingers crossed.

    Glad to see there are those out there like you with transplants doing great! Reassuring that medicine as a whole is continuing to advance!

    Talk with you later,

  • Welcome Mike to Transplant Friends.com

    Sounds like you have been through so much!

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