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  • Neal, Armand is very correct. Science doesn't explain everything and nothing is this life is a coincidence!! I died twice along the wY in my transplant journey and the second time was after my transplant. My soul lifted up out of my body and I watched all the events unfold with my kids in the room. I also was taken to heaven and my family was there to greet me. I wasn't sick anymore and I can't even explain the love and peacefulness I felt. I begged to stay cause I was so tired of the fight. I had three open heart surgeries and one made me the 6th total artificiL heart transplant ever attempted in the five states of the Pacific NW!! I lived on a fake heart run by an air compressor for 11 months and it was killing me and making my kidneys fail. I lived in the hospital for months waiting. Like I said I begged to stay in heaven but was told I had to return to continue the fight because my kids weren't ready for me to go quite yet. And then as quick as it happened I woke up 6 days after my transplant. My body was so beat up even tho I was 38 yrs old it took me almost three years to recover enough to do anything!! So as one that's experienced this it may be bogus to you but keep an open mind because that has changed my life and outlook forever.
  • Hi Neal

    I understand your scientific skepticism of the existence of a 'soul' that carries on. You may never have experienced inexplicable personal evidence of it. I can tell you unequivocally that I have. I am not a religious person, but my parents both died when I was young, and there have many instances, too many to recount. Things that go so far beyond the chances of coincidence, that they offer, to me, proof that soul exists in some form we do not understand. Outright signs that my parents and others still surround me. Believe what you will, but I would at least be open to a possibility you don't understand.


  • Hi, Neal!

    I see you are freshly transplanted! How has your experience been so far? I was told in hospital by a social worker that a transplant is a marathon, not a sprint. That was a hard lesson to learn. Everyone is different, every transplant is different but a lot of common issues. Is always good to talk if you have concerns. And you should be able to trust your team and be comfy asking them anything.
  • Welcome Neal to Transplant Friends!

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