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on internet

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Cryptogenic Liver disease

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Progrf Cellcept

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July 2011 almost 2 Years

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I want to know more about liver transplant

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World Class Institute Medanta- the Medicity hospital Gurgaon Haryana India

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Due to my 2nd God Dr AS SOIN I am able to lead my second life. I consider it to be my rebirth. A doctor whose miraculous hands has made my destiny and I am all due his LDLT performed on me in theWorld Class Institute Medanta- the Medicity hospital Gurgaon Haryana India

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  •     Happy Birthday Parveen !

  • 2914204?profile=originalHappy Birthday to you Parveen!

  • kaise ho tussi? hope u doing well with your new liver. for me the reason of kidney failure was high blood pressure and sjogren's syndrome.....wich was not confirmed....met couple of doctors but it is not firmly documented...so I feel it was blood pressure....but now all well.....got from cadaveric transplant......

  • Thanks a ton Praveen! I know what exactly you are talking about. My doctor Dr. Subhash Gupta at Apollo hospital Jasola, was also talking about bile duct obstruction but he was not concerned about it right now as my LFT is showing an gradual increase though not a rapid one! Thanks anyways for your concern!

  • I tried to chat with you last night but couldnt figure out how to negotiate the chat sight. I had a pancreas only transplant mar 2008. 3 months later had a rejection issue and surgeon opened me up again to do some repair. I spent 1 month in hosp initially due to serious reaction to prograf. The 2nd time spent a month in hosp battling an abdominal infection due to poison leaking from my small bowel.  It's now 5 yrs out and pancreas is working well. Nothing short of a miracle. I'm no longer a diabetic!  Woo hoo!

  • Welcome to TF.... I am on pager now for a double lung or single as they see fit... There are tons of people here to get to know...Glad your among friends now...

  • Hey Parveen.I am a bi-lateral lung transplant and I have had a lot of questions about transplants addressed on this site. Welcome and I hope you will learn as I have. It sure helps us to talk to our doctors when we go to clinic about our meds. I am out June (th 3 years and doing quite well. Hope all is well with you.

  • Welcome to Transplant Friends Parveen. Thanks for adding me as your friend.  

  • Parveen...missed your chat comment...I am a liver recipient like you and also have a hernia...have friends in India - mostly near Chennai...

  • Welcome to tx friends, glad you found us.

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