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Find it in Internet myself :)

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I am well, want to join this site because of my boyfriend, he is the one with a kidney tranplant received almost a one year ago :)

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Prograf, prednisone, myforic, aspirin, multivitamin, and other supplements

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11 months

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My boyfriend is still in a recovery, not feeling good, according him he felt better on dialysis then with his new kidney, so I am very concern about his future, he gets very depressed because he is not able to function normally.

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Jackson Transplant hospital in Miami

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So fas the labs are excellent, no issues there, just insomnia and waking up already tired is no fun, not able to enjoy his life, how long it will last, forever?

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I am RN I am dialysis nurse, teaching patient how to do at home dialysis using Nxstage machine, love my job very fulfilling, and feel bad for my boyfriend as he is not able enjoy his life as he should, looking for answers and keep praying for him.

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I am very interested in science as I believe knowledge is a power, so I read a lot, my other hobby is traveling :)

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Boca Raton, Florida

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  • Hi Hostess,
    His doctors is not allowing him to be in a sun, because of medications he is on, so he is very careful about it.
  • Hello Renata,

    Welcome to Transplant Friends!  I agree with Hostess Rise on what a blessing you are to your boyfriend.  This is such a trying time, having support to rely on is so wonderful.  As for the insomnia, it is common and short lived however no sleeping adds to stress, which must be eliminated.  Perhaps his nephrologist can prescribe a temporary sleep aid.

  • Hello Renata

    Welcome to transplant friends! WOW! Your boyfriend is so very blessed to have you!

    Insomnia is linked to so many things and the feeling when one does not sleep well can feel like an illness.

    Is he getting enough sunshine?

This reply was deleted.

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