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From our wonderful Hostess Rise

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never really determined

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Since 1995

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I love transplantbuddies site

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It has allowed me to fully participate in life, love and joy in a way I could not when I was ill.

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Being with family and friends, nature, taking pictures, being out door with nature, reading.

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  • Hi Rita, thanks so much for the friends request. :)
  • Hi Rita

    There is a message box located top right of all pages. This is where you sign in and out. Look for the envelop. 

    hope this helps. I will send you a private message.

  • I was looking around last night and it seems like there are not many K/P post; not recently anyway.  Did you have a Kidney Pancreas?

    Thanks so much for the welcome note.

  • Thank you. Yes, I'm rapidly heading towards being a one-year old baby (in newheart age, that is). Hard to believe how fast the year has gone by. One more right heart cath for biopsy, then my one year full catheterization, and I can also then look forward to fewer visits to the transplant center. Not that I mind seeing those guys, of course, but I could do with seeing them a little less often than was necessary during the first year.

    Everyone out there with a heart transplant knows how that first year goes...:)

  • thanks for the welcome :)

  • Thanks for the warm welcome. Hope to talk soon.

  • 2914312?profile=original

  • thank you so much for the welcome.  It is so nice to beabl to talk with other transplant folk.  Looking forward.....BJ

  • Thank you so much Rita.

  • thank you

This reply was deleted.

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