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My wife found it surfin for transplant support groups

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Living donor transplant from my wife. Never had dialysis.

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1 week

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Share my experience and gain knowledge from others going through the same things.

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Methodist Transplant Center-Houston

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Although I'm just 1 week post transplant, my energy level has improved steadily over the past few days. Hoping to continue feeling better every day return to work.

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I was diagnosed with PKD at 37 (now 54) and at that time I thought life was over. I dreaded the thought of eventually going on dialysis, not working and not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Through the support of my wife and kids I discovered life was not over. Over the years my function continue to slowly decline to the point a year ago Feb I had a major setback which dropped my function from 27% to ~15%. At that point my wife stepped up and gave me this wonderful gift, one of her kidneys. I thank God for her and being a match. This brings me today, 1 week post transplant. Thanks, Rob

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Sports, cycling and ham radio.

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Cypress, Texas USA.

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  • Welcome Rob! This is a common occurrence and not just early on, maintaining a careful balance of Prograf in your blood is key to protecting a kidney Tx, hence the frequent blood work, as your daily dose is based on results,  when high it also elevates Creatinine levels.  Prograf (tacrolimus) limits the bone marrow from producing certain killer white blood cells, which would attack the Tx organ. I wish you great success with your Tx and hope you enjoy good health for many, many years to come!

  • Hi all!


    just got back from my 3rd clinic visit since the transplant and almost everything looks good. What I mean is my creatinine is slowly climbing. First visit post 1.7. Second visit 2.0. And today 2.2. My Prograf level is 11 and he wants it between 6-7. He thinks the higher level is what is causing my creatinine to rise. He think when it’s dialed in correctly my number should stay to drop. Appreantly the Prograf helps with rejection, but can also be toxic to the kidney. Has anyone experienced this post trasplant? Typically, how long does it take to do dial this in?


    thanks all!


  • I still have both of my native kidneys ,occasionally I do have pain in my left kidney  and three times I have had cysts pop  but it has never been a big enough of a problem to justify surgery.

  • Hi Rise. Thanks for the welcome. 


    Mike-great to hear. I'm just starting out on the

    is post transplant journey. Hope thinks go as well on my end.


    one question-do you still have your native kidneys?


  • I also have  pkd at age 45 I had a living donor kidney transplant. I went back to work 8 weeks after transplant and 10 years later at age 55 I am still doing well.good luck


  • Welcome Rob!

This reply was deleted.

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