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Tacrolimus , Myfortic, prednisolone, Hypertension drugs,  Calcium Supplements Fruits, soups, chicken, Rice etc

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1 year

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I can get answers of doubts arising anytime and it gives kind of patience after knowing that I am not alone with certain issue.

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  1. Apollo Hospitals ,India

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  • I have much freedom to eat especially no restriction for fluids

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After surgery i experienced foot drop it hasn't recoverd to this date. Its been 7 mnths but i cant move easily without support this is causing me depression and sometimes I regret my transplant decision. Though I'm thankful i Dont need dialysis but this thing is killing my confidence. Hope i get some advice or suggestion.

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I'm a teacher by profession. I love arts and writing. I love to read. I soliloquy alot. I love movies.

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Hyderabad, India

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  • Sana,

    If you were joined or have any local hyderbad Transplant forum or group of people who had kidney transplant .then please add me to the groups. 

    I am 35 and had transplant on 2016 and now 4 years of transplant dont see any major issues abd Doing pretty good . I would like to inetract with similer people for emotional well being .  


    Prasad Reddy


  • Welcome, Sana to Transplant Friends! As you move forward, dosages of meds may drop and side effects lessen helping you adjust to life with a Tx. Stay strong! I am glad you found us.

  • Welcome Sana to Transplant Friends! Sorry to here that you are having problems with your feet. Hopefully, your muscles will get stronger  with exercise. I am 1 year post heart transplant and had many problems after transplant, but it gradually got better. Don't give up. Keep courage.

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