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Each day of my past has made me who I am.

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  • Hey SL, wow I am really bad at signing on to look at my page! lol. Yes that is my friend and donor in the picture with me. 


  • Hi SL, just wondering how you're doing? I am 16 months post kidney transplant.Nov 2012.....oh and also had 2 open heart valve surgeries just prior to that....long story, but bottom line after 2 years feeling really strong...wasn't easy.....what got me to this point? Our Good Lord...take care...., John D.
  • Thanks for the website! I will pull it up now that I have the time.  I am going to have to see what I can do. I agree with you on people with chronic diseases.  Funny, how the system works.  People that are totally capable of getting off their lazy butts to work, don't.  They get all the assistance we can all use! I don't like to rely on this, I myself am capable to work and can make so much more than not working.  But we are limited more in our case.  I can't afford to go work out of the Country as it may be too difficult to get my meds across.  They may not be allowed.  Believe me I don't need to go off that far! I am willing to work a permanent job that pays about $30,000 a year.  Not a lot, but definitely would pay for my expenses and I could have health insurance and other benefits.  But even if this temporary job is offered to me it pays much less.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

  • I, too, want to compliment you on your letter Mackju. It is a sincere and beautiful letter. Keep fighting - I like your spirit.Sorry about the oxygen and the cancer. You have a lot on your plate at the moment so if defiance keeps you going then defy on!  It takes that fighting determination to win these battles.

  • Spotted Leopard

    Thanks for the kind words about my donor letter.  I too have a lot of pride, so I carfully pick and choose where I go and what I do.  My lung transplant has gone Tango Uniform and I am very  close to going back on Oxygen full time. (That's really humilating).  I have just gone through some cancer surgery and I don't want people to see me until I get better, especially the grand kids.  I am not a PC guy so I get myself in trouble some times.  As far as my fight against my disease, it is total defiance.  There may come a day and I have been at this point where one sees the future and it is not pretty.  Spotted Leopard that point is not today and it is not going to be tomorrow.


  • Thank you all for the nice welcomes! Looking forward to getting to know everyone.
  • Welcome to TransplantsFriends Spotted Leopard. And try to join us in the chat room 8pm est daily, Saturdays and Sundays 3pm est.

  •  Greetings Spotted , Welcome to Friends ! 

  • Hello and welcome to tx friends, glad you found us and joined. I hope you receive a donor very soon. Take care, have a great day. PS, I am post Kidney tx of 14 months. Any questions, please ask.

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