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I recently had a heart transplant. I need to listen and talk with friends who really know what I am going through after the transplant. Most of all I would like to be there for any one else that is waiting to get on the list or someone that is on the list. Maybe I could be of some help to them

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Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina

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I am now able to do normal things that I couldn't do before. I have hope for a future. I can now see my grandchildren grow.

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  • Happy Birthday to you Steve

  •  Happy Birthday Steve ! 

  • Happy Birthday Steve and many more to come. take care. come join in the chat room on Saturday and Sunday's 3pm est.

  • Sorry I missed it. Happy 2 years! Each one is such a gift. I remember celebrating every month for a long time. August 12th will still bring some beanaversary celebrations!!
  • Thx Steve !

  • Happy birthday Steve! Have a great day! You should join us for chat on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 2 pm CDT. Hope to see you there!

  •  Steve !!  happy birthday on 2 years on the 4th !  and your actual Birthday ! hope your having an awesome  week ! 

  • Hi Steve,   My one year went by really fast, I was expecting it to drag by but by no means did it do that. My first year was pretty much getting the predisone, cellcept, and prograf levels in check. And then of course the good ole biopsys through the neck every month. Next month I'm scheduled to have a cath done and a biopsy done through the groin, I guess they want to check and and make sure my artariers are clear. Have they done anything like this to you so far...
  • Hey Steve. I am on the same meds now as I was when first transplanted, in almost the same doses. Cyclosporine, Prednesone, Imuran. Have tolerated them all pretty well, kidney and liver doing just fine. Everyone is always amazed at my BUN and Creatine numbers. Was Tx'ed in Tucson, but have switched my care up to the program in Spokane, WA. We are full time RVer's and spend our summers up here in Northern Idaho (winters in south Texas).
  • It's partly an age thing. I'm 70. My cardiologist said as you get older, your immune system weakens, and you may not need as much immunosuppressant. Of course, if I get a bad biopsy, they will adjust. My biopsies have been zero's and one's. They are doing just biopsies on me so far, once every 3 months in year 2.

    I was CMV negative, my donor CMV positive, so I guess it was not completely unexpected. I send them blood samples a couple of times in between my visits, that's how they picked it up. I was just there last week for a checkup, waiting to hear the results, and any med changes. 


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