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Cystic Fibrosis, Double Lung Recipient, April 2000

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  • yes it was amazing to be riding with you too! It was such an incerdible experiance I won't ever forget. I hope to do more things like that in the futrure. I am doing great. I hope your are doing good as well. :)
  • It is great having you back here
  • WOO HOO!! You just joined the dark side of the Transplant Games! LOL! ;-)
  • Tee-Hee Steve!!! I so forgot about Blessed Kari being a girl. You- Nut-You!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Kate
    P.S.You made me laugh again, see???? LOL,LOL,LOL...
  • Hey Steve!
    You would scream like a girl if you knew how much y'all have helped me to know,exactly why I am a donor,as most of my family are. Now I have faces, great personalities,beautiful hearts,wonderful senses of humor,nonjudgmental about how I spell, or compute...Jeremy would have loved knowing y'all. I love all of my Buddies& friends, for picking me up off of rock bottom.
    You all are the givers of a great gift,& don't seem to know it!!!! Love,Kate-AKA-NKD
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  • Hey Steve,
    I see I shouldn't post anything at night.....I make big spelling mistakes then. I really admire the work that you do and your wonderful ability to write. Thanks for a lovely comment.
  • Steve will you be my friend on the friends of Transplant Friends.
  • Welcome Steve to your new page here on Friends.

    Happy New Year! Donate Life is #1
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