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MMF, Tacrolimus, Prednisolone, D Ferrol ,Bactrim,

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6 Months

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I would like to learn their experience

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Medical Trust Hospital, Cochin, India

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I feel like I have gone back 20 years in my life. Now I feel very warm and energetic all the time. Feel very happy

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My poly cystic kidney disease was identified 15 years back. Then Creatinine level was 2.1. I had high BP from the last 25 years and having medications since then. Saw a nephrologist and followed his instructions regarding food limitations. After 3 months I have gone back to normal food habits with out any limitations. I used to have regular drinks and lived a normal life for 10 years. When I learned my Creatinine level has gone up to 4.5, I started regulating proteins in my food but not that strictly. 3 years back when the creatinine went up to 7.3, I started a strict vegetarian food and stopped alcohol completely. Last year my creatine went to 11.5, I started considering a transplant. I went to the Medical Trust hospital in Cochin India. Immediately started dialysis 3 times a week for 4 hours. I was also taking Erythropoietin inj twice a week. My HB went up to 9.5, still feeling cold. I was fortunate to get a donor after 6 months of dialysis. All went well and my transplant went well on March 6th 2018. Now my BP became normal and the induced diabetics now over and stopped the medication. I also noticed no need for my glass to see the long distance. Now my Creatinine is steady 1.2 and HB 15.4. WBC is now 5.7. After the transplant, I was working from home and since not much activities, I got DVT on my left leg. Started Warfarin 3 mg daily to thin the blood. I need to continue the Warfarin for another 3 more months to completely cure the thrombosis. I am getting cramps in my legs and hand if I don’t drink enough water. Normally I drink 2.5 liters every day . My Vit D level was 12 and after having D3 vitamin, now it is 22. Having regular follow ups every 3 weeks. All reading are normal.

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My interests are computer and movies

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