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Udiagnosed silicosis

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Lung are My problem.My numbers are still in normal range but falling

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I am having trouble getting a true,solid diagnosis.i got sick after exposure to silica so i know in my heart what my diagnosis is.plus my testing is consistent whether my doc wants to admit it or not.very scared and want to be as informed as possible.

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I am a husband and father of three.I am still quite a ways from actually needing a transplant.All depending on how my dyspnea progtesses.I've got the world to live for.

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I enjoy biking,working out and spending time with family. I also love nature.

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  • Hi Torie, No I wasn't considered normal as far as my lungs were concerned for many years. My pulmonary function continued to worsen, without explanation or diagnosis. My lungs were to fragile to perform a biopsy, but I ended up getting PCP, pneumonia, and after that I was on oxygen for 3 years until I got my new lungs. Are your PFTs normal?
  • Thanks for adding me as a friend! I hope things are going well for you...are you on the list now? It took many many years for my doctors to diagnose me, and I was near the end, but thankfully I was blessed with two new lungs right when I needed them!
  • Hi Torie,
    I would be glad to answer your question. The Canada, came with my new lungs, and had nothing to do with my disease IPF. The Doctors got right to work with two breathing treatment while I was still in the hospital recovering, and kicked it's butt!
    How about you how are you doing? Try to Stay strong for your family. My wife and I will include you in our prayers, for things to work out for you and your family.

  • I would have to have open heart surgery while having the lungs transplant so it will be difficult to get on transplant list somewhere but I am going to try..I am not one to give up even through my doctors seem to have..
  • No problem, I am well thanks for asking. How are you? UVA has been good to me and for the most part I can't complain. I mean they did save my life. To be honest I'm not a big fan of my transplant doctor. I liked Dr. Robins but he decided to focus on Cystic Fibrosis. Now I have Dr. Weder, he mostly tells me I need to lose weight. Last appointment in December he tells me,do to 6 years on prednisone, I have osteoporosis. He basically said take these pills and it's nothing to worry about. Not the best bedside manner that one. So I'm getting a 2nd opinion. App in Feb. For that with a specialist in the matter. On the topic of insurance I honestly can't say. For me my health got so bad before transplant I was out on disability, by the time of transplant insurance kicked in through them. I do know that Bill Potts, was the biggest help to me with insurance questions. He looks out for the patients and tells you the things that some companies don't. The ins ands outs I call it. He also has a transplant sport group I believe the last Thursday of every month. I've only gone a few times to that but I presented several questions to them and it was very helpful. Thanks for contacting me, I don't speak to anyone local who's had a transplant.
  • Torie,

    Dew is back on post, also I got a web site for her go to Life4Dew.CA  and get more info.

    Hope this help u

    Enjoy your



    2913138?profile=originalread warning below

    Oh no heartburn allowed,  lol lol

    Take care

  • No I have not hoping that she hanging on and get new lungs.  I have also tired by facebook but nothing yet.

  • Hi Torie , glad to
    Be your friend
  • Hi Torie,

      I just read about your hobbies and your scared those days are over well here is what I do after eleven years of transplant, I walk 5 to 12 kilometers every day unless I play golf that day, I exercise with dumbles every two days, I just sold my motorcycle  after having it for 8 years and now I am getting a bicycle. Eating well and exercise is the secret of feeling well after a transplant. Good luck.

  • Hi Torie,

    Thanks for adding me as a friend.  I hope both our transplants come through soon! 

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