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Kidney transplants (3)

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Free from the pain of dialysis. Able to care for myself, work flexible hours. Also allowed me to return to school and finish my BA and MA.

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I went into renal failure at 15. A kidney transplant at 16 and another at 17. And 3rd at 33. I will be 60 in December! Work part time as a psychotherapist, artist and art workshop leader. Love turning people on to their creative side.

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Crocheting, painting, collage, my dog, gardening

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Los Angeles, CA

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  • Good morning. 6am here and just wanted to thank you for your thoughts. Sorry if I sound like I am "wallowing in self pity ", sometimes I am not sure what I am feeling either. It's going to be a great day here and I shall enjoy it. Hopefully you'll have one as well. 

  • OOps...didn't finish. So, anyway, not sure what you are feeling in terms of transplant and what advice or thoughts you are seeking...Let me know...cute dog and kitty!

  • Hi Wayne - glad you wrote, but not sure what you are feeling. 

  • Good morning from Oz. It's 12.40am here. Usual no sleep issues. I have just read your blog about support. There's basically just me and my dog,. Her name is Mistake, (aussie humour), Miss for short. Great company and a great listener. More intelligent conversations with her than most people,except kids. One reason I joined was to find out if its me that feels certain ways. Any advice/info  would be great. Bye. Wayne 

  • Greetings and Welcome to Transplants Friends, Victoria. hugstime.jpg


  • Hi..just curious why there is a square over my picture.
  • Welcome Victoria to Transplant Friends

This reply was deleted.

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