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at a support group meeting

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Cellcept, Neoral, Prednisone

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7 yrs

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sharing experiences

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U of Michigan

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I appreciate every day that I have with family and friends

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I've written and self-published a book about key events in my life. I've shared this with my family & close friends. I plan to write a book detailing my medical history leading up to my transplant.

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reading, writing, music, etc.

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Brighton, Michigan,USA

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    And a Hap-Hap-Hap-Happy B-B-B-Birthday your what now 16 wow lol take care Walt and enjoy your day.

  •   Happy Birthday Walt , May the tricks of the day be as good as the treats that follow ! 

     Have a wonderful birthday  ol buddy !  

  • Happy Birthday Walter --- Have a great day!

  • Thanks Walter!  I  have to now and i have to take care of myself and live life to the fullest as God intended

  • Just hope I do not forget ?

  • Walter, obviously, there are some medications that are similar such as prograf and prednisone, but after that it is a different story. As we also know, prednisone is not a drug that is taken by all transplant patients. I don't know about everyone, but I am curious about the drugs which are NOT common to each transplant and why they are taken. I would like to know about other types of transplants. It might help us to better understand what other patients are going through. I know that there are some folks who have good days and bad days and others who have mostly good or mostly bad days. It amy be that they have to take more of a medication on one day or the next. We do know that once a person has a transplant, it does take a medication as well as a patient adjustment period.

  • Thanks for coming to chat today. I thought it went really well. See you next week.

  • Walter, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  • 2911826?profile=original

  • Happy Birthday Walter! Wishing you many more happy birthdays, Rise'

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