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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Kidney and Liver

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Prograf 5mg capsule, Vitamin D and Vitamin B Complex, Chicken & Rice or Fish & vegetables or Chicken Caesar Salad.

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1 month and 3 weeks

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Because it would be nice to meet someone who goes through the same thing I do :)

Which Transplant Center has or will perform your life saving surgery?

Miami Transplant Institute at Jackson Memorial Hospital

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No more Hemodialysis! doesn't that say it all? I now have freedom to travel, to eat anything I want, and to make urine! No more fluid retention (=

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Writing is LIFE.

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Writing, dancing, swimming, :) reading and learned new things every day.

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Miami, Fl

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  • Hi Robert. Thank you for sharing your transplant experience with me. I never met anyone who had PKD. Nobody in my family is or was known to have PKD. I had a genetic test and the Doctor told me I started it. I actually had ARPKD. Which is a very rare one. I am very happy and grateful for this new second chance at life. Life is beautiful no matter how difficult it gets. I take all my medications, I drink enough water, and I also stay away from salty food. This is my second kidney and first liver. Thank you for giving me your advice. You're very kind. I hope you are well and God bless you always. I will be at Jackson on Nov 27th to see Dr. Matiazzi. (= Thanks!!!!

  • Yesy,Listen (Tranquila,)Almost my entire family tree  has PKD.Since I was 18,I was diagnosed since then I saw my father on dialysis 20 years at Mercy Hospital in Miami.My father died at age 60 heart failure,as people that know Hemo destroys all organs slowly especially the heart,they don't tell you that..I said to myself I will live longer and make smart decisions from what I learned.I'm here today going on 56 Nov is my 4 year Transplant Anniversary and coincidentally bday month.I had it at Jackson also the Best Hospital PERIOD.My wife save my life,..My Body is very sensitive so I take prograf 2mg a day and myforte 160mg 4 a day plus baby aspirin 1 a week or 1 every 3 weeks as I'm older.Your a baby,and my advice having known PKD the SOB Kidney destroyer and life changer.That take your meds,do your labs every 2 weeks or ?.I do labs every 3 or 4 months as I'm doing 4 years and great and I hate needles.Alicia, is my personal Vampire,when you do labs if you see her tell her Robert says hi and will be there Nov 29 My Bday.I love Jackson,Dr.Roth and again Dont smoke,no booze,no colas,no grapefruit,take your meds,drink enough water,and all will be good.You had a Kidney and Liver Tx?Because some people with PKD may develop PKD in liver that I heard,never in my family.I had both native Football Size Kidneys removed as I requested.Did you?No big deal you can leave them in they diminish size with time.So again,I was like you worried freaking out,your in that stage,but trust me be positive before you know it you will be back to all is cool.Listen,stay away from sick people always wash your hands many times a day.And laugh at life and enjoy day by day it gets better.I rarely come to this site,today I did I hope you smile and hang in there.Cojelo Suave,God Bless,Robert. P.S.One of my Uncles had his transplant 6 months before me.That Uncle is now 85.. years old.Yeah,Jackson gave him a Transplant at 81yrs old a cadaver kidney..Jackson Rocks..

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