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Creatinine level

hey so Yesterday I went for labs after having IVIG therapy and my creatinine was 2.5 I’m urinating ok but my stomach is a bit bloated 

BUN was 48

CO2 was 19

Urine PH was 6.7

Last month my creatinine was 1.9 why do you…

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Hi friends, I've been feeling sad and down for the last two weeks... I've been anxious and worried. I think I am depressed but I never used to feel this way before.

could it be some medications? What can I do to feel better?



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Please, help me!

Hi, I had labs last Tuesday and my C02 level is 17

is it too low?? What can I do other than take sodium bicarbonate and eat greens

to raise my C02 Level? I'm not very comfortable with this result.

I'm also scared some people say…

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Hi everyone. After six completed months of IVIG. I went today for labs and the numbers were horrible.


my creatinine level was 2.3

my BUN was 62

my C02 was 12

my anion gap was 14

Are the numbers that…

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Hi everyone. I have a question. I had a kidney and a liver transplant 1 year ago :) !! very happy and grateful for that.

I have Hyperthyrodism and I have difficulty gaining weight. I gain weight and suddenly lose it because of muscle…

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a bit scared

I am noticing decreased urine output. What can cause this?


My hemoglobin was 10.1

I have my period.

My creatinine was 2

and my BUN was 56

I am going to see my doctor on Tuesday hopefully I feel better by…

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