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Uncharted Waters

Hello Transplant Friends - Yvonne Strong here - heart transplant Aug 1995. I haven't posted for so long!  In December of 2014 I had a brain hemorrhage from Warfarin and have been on a slippery slope ever since. For several years I had been clotting and was put on the blood thinner Warfarin.  In April of 2014 I formed a huge clot in my thigh and had a Venus Cava Filter placed in the inferior vena cava (IVC) to trap clots. After the brain hemorrhage I could no longer be on blood thinners. As you might guess I continued to clot - the filter apparently worked or the clots did not move. A couple weeks a go I formed a clot in the calf of both legs.  The clot in my right leg dissolved and did not give me any problems - however, the clot in the vein in my left leg became one huge clot from my ankle to my knee - I cannot describe the excruciating pain - I am still on pain meds. The doctors have never seen this happen - hence the term "Uncharted Waters." Doctors do not know why I am doing this - perhaps an unknown blood disease.  I have opted to chose "Quality of Life" vs pain and all that comes with my condition and have decided go under Hospice Care and not keep doctoring. It is a certainty that I will form another brain hemorrhage as it is just a matter of time. I am only on necessary meds including my immune suppressant drugs. But!  I know that God is in charge of when I leave this earthly sphere and I am in peace.

I am not blogging for sympathy as I have had 20yrs additional life which I am so grateful for. It has been a wonderful journey - grandchildren graduating, marriages, great grandchildren's births and all the wonderful family get togethers. I have reached every goal I have set. I just became a great grandma the 17th time March 1. I am so blessed to have my faithful husband and children by my side. They have loved and cared for me is so many ways I can't count.

I love my donor's family for their great gift of love and life to me. In their time of great sorrow they gave me such a precious gift.  My wonderful team of doctors are so magnificent.  They are all standing beside me, and I am sure they are looking for answers to this anomaly. They pledge to be by my side throughout whatever happens.  Perhaps my experience will help others in the future.

I pose this question to you - has anyone known or heard of of someone forming clots such as mine?  Remember I had one huge clot in the vein of my left leg that grew to be as long as from my ankle to my knee. Has anyone suffered from an unknown blood disorder such as I have described or something similar?

I still read Transplant Friends every week and marvel at each persons valiant journey.  Kidney Boy I am glad you are still posting.  When I made my decision in the hospital about "no more doctoring" that decision came because of diligent prayers that were answered from my loving Heavenly Father. My beloved transplant surgeon, came to my bedside, put my hand in his and said, "When you are in the hands of God you are okay."  Please know I am okay!

Love to you all. If I can do anything to help you please feel free to ask.

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Spared Again!

Good Afternoon Transplant Friends! On December 18th I had an "Inner Cerebral Bleed (a bleed in the right side of my brain). I am finally home from the hospital and this is my first email. God has spared me again and I am so grateful to him for his loving care.

I send you all my love.  I will fill you in again in few days when I am stronger.  I had severe paralysis on the right side of my body which was  very frightening.  It was a very close call.  I am weak and learning to use my right hand to full capacity and I am now walking and in therapy - and of course I am extremely weak.

I pray that you all are well. I will write later.

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Last Friday, the first of October, I spent a most wonderful day with Hope. Hope is my sixteen year old friend from church. I cannot describe the beauty of this young girl for she is beautiful both inside and outside. She stands about 5'3” with dark shoulder length hair, light olive skin, warm hazel eyes. For some mysterious reason I have been chosen to be her “best friend” which is a great honor to me. Friday was a gorgeous Fall day. The sky brilliant – the sun bright - a warm breeze ushered us on our way as we left Hope's house and headed off to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, for lunch at Red Robin. She had a “big whopper” of a hamburger, and I broke the rules and gorged on french fries. Oh my, those forbidden fries tasted so good. Now Hope is a talker, and so am I, we lingered over an hour talking a mile a minute. I have to admit by the time we were ready to leave I felt sixteen again. As we were ready to leave the waitress asked Hope, “Is this your grandmother?” She answered, “No,” this is my best friend – a higher compliment I will never receive.

My precious little friend and I found our way to downtown Coeur d'Alene and the famous Hagadone Hotel that sits on beautiful Coeur d'Alene Lake. Like teenagers we cruised the tourist stores in the hotel. Hope holding on to my hand nearly every step of the way. When she wasn't holding my hand she was holding on to my arm. We decided we couldn't afford the gift shops so hand in hand off we went to see what main street offered. We stepped into a small  covered mall and right before our very eyes was this scrumptious little Candy store that had jars and jars of candy – way too much temptation! Once again I broke the rules. But. My little sack of candy was sugar free. With candy sacks in hand we strolled main street talking, eating, laughing and investigating every store both sides of the street.

We ended this wonderful day walking the boardwalk that sits on the lake and circles the hotel. It is such a magical place – the scenery is out of this world – the mountains – the sea gulls – the boats. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day as we talked of Hope's dreams for her future. I can't count the times that Hope told me how much she loves me and how much I mean to her. I was able to reciprocate her feelings and told her how grateful I am that God has sent her into my life. We spent six hours together and not once did I feel my years or think of my illness. Blessings often come in small ways and large packages. The blessing of this day will always be in my heart. There will be many more precious experiences with Hope – after all we are best friends.

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