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pulmonary fibrosis

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lungs waiting

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cleveland clinic

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still waiting

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  • Hi Barb

    Thank you so much for the compliment about this website!

    Learn alot!

  • Barb, yes I love how I feel after I go. It improves my endurance. I have to push myself to go at times. Do you exercise?
  • Hi Barb, I'm not on the list yet. I must lose 30 lbs first. I do attend pulmonary rehab. I have IPF. I have been on O2 for 18 yrs. currently 8lm. Nice to meet you
  • Welcome to tx friends, glad you found us. Stay positive.

  • Hello Barb and welcome to TransplantFriends.

    There are lots of lung folks on this site, with some recipients and waiters from CCF as well. Please look through the "Groups" & "Forums" and join the ones that mkight interest you.

    We are glad you are here and hope you visit us often.

    I am a heart transplant recipient & volunteer at Cleveland Clinic.

    ~ DAP

  • Hi Barb

    Welcome to Transplant Friends:) Glad that you found us. There are so many wonderful people who are members of this site. I am sure if you give us some time you will see what I mean.  Please read How this site works to get a better understanding and how to navigate your way around here. http://www.transplantfriends.com/page/how-this-site-works

    Thank you


This reply was deleted.

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