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Through google search

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pangraf 1.25 mg each morning and evening 7 AM and 7 PM

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Had a Kidney transplant operation on October 31, 2011 (almost 4 years)

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My creatinine is 1.9 from last one year and I have high protienuria.

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Hospital in Coimbatire, Tamilnadu, India.

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I had a dialysis around 4 months and by gods grace My dad has donated one of his kidneys to me at the age of 59. I had my operation at 27 now around 32

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creatinine protien loss in urine other things related to kidney transplant

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Playing foot ball

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India, Tamilnadu, Ooty.

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  • Greetings and Welcome to Transplants Friends Desh Ram.2917503?profile=original

  • Hi Naval,

    I gone for check up last 2 months before and my creatinine level was 2.0 and Protien Urea is 140 mg/dl.

    - Desh

  • Hi Desh,

    Hows your health now? Whats ur Cr and the protein urea problem?

  • Hello Judi,

    Thanks lot for your valuable comments.

    From Last 2 or 3 days, I am feeling short of breath most of the times,

    I am drinking 3 litres (average) per day.

    Could you please tell me how to avoid this. Feeling very sad about my health at times.


    Jegadesh S

  • Hello Desh,  You asked me if I have advice for you about your rising creatinine level and the increasing proteinuria you have.  I have the same two things which also have made me tire easily.  The only things I know that you can do for your kidneys are to make sure you always take your medications when you should and not ever miss a dose.  Secondly, there are some foods to eat more moderately and some to avoid completely.  Limit the amount of meat you eat and especially the amount of red meat that you eat.  Substitute the red meats with poultry and fish.  Don't drink brown sodas (too much phosphorous) and don't drink any beverages with caffeine in them.  Don't eat chocolate.  And, avoid salt (sodium).  Read labels on foods and don't add it when cooking.  High levels of sale are in prepackaged foods, all canned foods, and of course don't use a salt shaker.  Take your blood pressure often.  If it gets high contact your doctor and get on Blood Pressure medication.  If you ever feel short of breath, get medical attention, because you may begin to retain fluid at this point....I am.

     Your doctor should be telling you these things, but sadly, they don't.  I'm going to my doctor next week and there is supposed to be a kidney dietician there to speak to me about my diet, too.  If I learn anything else I'll let you know.  Good luck!

  • Hi Friends,

    Can you please provide some suggestions on my problem.

    The problem is My creatinine level is 1.9 from last one year and I have high protienuria.



  • Hello Jegadesh,

    Welcome to TransplantFriends!  I hope you are well.

This reply was deleted.

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