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just had my annual, been four years august 3 . everything came back great. 0 rejection for the biosy. now waiting to get on the kidney transplant list.

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is it only me or does everyone  have trouble sleeping,i also sleep with a cpap machine,and still cant sleep,and my doc does not want me to take anything except melatonin ,and stl dont help,the only thing helps is zanax ,and it was only a one time dea

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i had my heartxpant,over,2 years and 4months,i was wondering if any one out of the blue every just statred get the runs,like someone turn the fauset on,im also on dialsyis

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heart transplant

did any one get a heart transplant at columbia presbyterian,ny,and was told by their doctor,they could not mow there lawn ,i was told i could not then after my year ok only to wear a mask,

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i was wondering when does everyone take cellcept and prograf,is @9and 9,or just every twelve hours,my doc wanted me to take 9am and 9 npm

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heart rate

who out there also has a fat heart rate,after heart transplant.Mine is about in the 90'swhen resting,if not resting about 107,but they dont want to give me any thing for it,and they told me i wont go into cardiac arrest,so i guess im ok .

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