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lung transplant support group

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i am on the waiting list

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nebulizer perforomist, budisone , spriva , bupropion 200 mg

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i just got on the list last thursday

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i have a lot of question that i dont feel are getting answered

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St. Joes Diginity health in phoenix az

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i am just on the list

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i have been married 34 yrs and have 4 daughters i hav 8 grandkids and i love living in arizona moved here 2008 to see if it would help and it did for a long while. I developed ITP and continue to get sick for over a year which when i move here my lung were at 28% so had i not gotten this would i be ok i do not know . mayo clinic took my spleen and it cure me but my lung progression got worst . so we decided transplant time

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my grandkids, internet, i love being out door when i can and i love garage saling

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Tempe, az usa

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  • hey transplant buddies, i have a ?  today when i went to clinic i ask about my medication and why im taking it 4 xs a day can i do 3 xs a day and they said sure try 9 am,  3 pm and 9 pm now i just filled my medication and realize i have one vitamin that is 3xs a day the rest of my meds according to bottle are 2xs a day.  now my transplant was june 17 th 2015 so this is all new to me any suggestion would be most helpful thanks everyone for their imput. irene 

  • thank you i am very happy to see this blog site and ? ive had for months now that i am up and about after my double lung transplant on june 17th i have a few ?  like i was exercising and doing great now i sitting here with swelling ankles and feet for the past 3 days. also what is normal prograf level i just had my lower to 1.5 a day my level were at 17.  I am  56 live in tempe az. St. Joes here in phoenix has done 360 transplants in 3 yrs and i was that number and 51 of the year .

  • Greetings and Welcome to Transplants Friends, Irene.hugstime.jpg

  • Hi Irene

    Welcome to Transplant Friends! I hope we can help you.  Take good care!

This reply was deleted.

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