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liver cancer

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prograf azathiaprine

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yes, more or less normal life

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fishing, travel

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  • Happy birthday Jim! Have a great day! You should join us for chat on Saturday, Sunday and Monday starting at 3 pm eastern/ 2 pm central time. Hope to see you there!

  • Happy Birthday Jim, have a good one.

  • Jim, Happy Birthday, hoping all your birthday wishes come true.

  •   Happy Birthday Jim ! 

  • It is a nice to be a frined of you , are you live in isingapore? can you speak Chiense?

    keep in touch

  • at first I stayed at the hua cheng hotel 10 min from the hospital. then they invited me to stay in the corner hospital room. the rate was same as for hotel. and tests were easier done. I felt my visibility was higher too. my transplant came after one month. I am pretty americanized after going from taiwan to usa at age 6. they were still pretty good to me. I am not sure what category I fit under. my family was originally from shandong province.

    I was pretty  worried all the way through

    the results have been great, with no rejection. at all. I did have a bout of maybe sepsis vomit fever chills just after my t tube was pulled. but that resolved quickly and the liver continues to function perfectly.

    I am surprised about your chinese becoming rudimentary, in singapore,

    what do most of the population speak? english, and chinese and ?

  • call me at 951 233 9378 so we can share details of the tianjin adventure

  • how very interesting. my surgeon was dr Chu or Zhu and aftercare was dr Sun. it was a split transplant shared with a 9 mth baby girl. I have had a pretty smooth post op course. other than one bout of near sepsis, after t tube removal two weeks ago, I am pretty happy. I still have to look out for cancer recurrence, but am pretty pleased. Your 11 yr course is very encouraging. One friend here in rowland heights , George chou, is 6 yrs post transplant from there. I wonder how many other asian americans have been treated there.

    I know they have a mission goal of treating mostly mainland chinese citizens, but obviously exceptions are allowed.

  •  Greetings Jim Chin ! Welcome Aboard ! 

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