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Jackson Memorial Hospital

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I am alive! I almost wasn't and I appreciate life as a gift- but the whole experience-from hospital to recovery has humbled and awed me! I am 25months post and still not 100% emotionally and physically meds take their toll!

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  • Yeah that is google worthy, I had to get myweekly bloodwork done today but I don't see the Doctor until next week but I wonder what else I need to be to be clued in on. I am glad that you recovered after feeling so crappy. Your absolutely right though, having to live this great new life I was fortunate to be blessed with is like nothing that you can understand unless you do it. I fight off constant emotions because I need to enjoy my life but those emotions are part of coping and are healthy.

  • Guilty as charged,  I do lots of searches on the most random stuff but it keeps me occupied. I don't necessarily belive every that I read unless it comes from a credible source but I am all over google and that can provide laughter and knowledge at the same lol. Hope your good days outnumber the bad and I'm glad I know that I have another person to share my google searches with :)

  • Thank u for the friend request!

  • Hi :) How are you doing?

  • That's great Mark.  Siblings are such an important piece of our lives.  I hope you are doing well.


  • Hello Mark! how are you...when your liver tx has been done
  •  thanx u all!  every day is a good day!

  • HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to you Mark

  •  Happy Birthday Mark !  I hope you make that birthday wish !!  have an awesome day ! 

  • Hi Mark! Best wishes for you healthy life.

This reply was deleted.

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