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Travel to Augusta, US


I am 2.5 years post kidney transplant now. I live in India currently. I will be travelling to Augusta for a work assignment of around 5 months in the month of January in the coming year. I wanted to confirm with the members here if I can carry my

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Molluscum after kidney transplant

I am 1.5 year post kidney trx. I had a pimple kind of think since 6 months on my chin. Now that spread into many(10-12). Skin biopsy revealed that it is molluscum. I read it is contagious and progresses easily. My dermatologist said we need to burn i

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Steroid free kidney transplant

Hi,Has anyone heard about steroid free kidney transplant program.Here in India I recently came to know that a transplant centre is running such procedure. Whats your view on this. What are the pros and cons of not having wysolone in our daily transpl

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Workout after kidney transplant

Hi,It has been a year for my kidney transplant.I have been thinking of following a workout routine since long but I am not sure what should that be. I go on morning walks.I thought of starting cycling and zumba but I am not sure if that can be follow

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Kidney transplant anniversary

Hi guys,I just wanted to share that I celebrated my 1st kidney transplant anniversary on 26th feb i.e 3 days back.And the year 2016 post transplant was really awesome.I got everything over which I cried once.I was scared that I might loose everything

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