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Taking prednisolone, tacrolimus, myfortic.

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1 year

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I want to share my views and problems with them and enrich myself.

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I had my transplant on Fortis hospital. New Delhi.

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Positive change definately. I feel better after transplant.

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what is the ideal tacrolimus level in blood after 1 year of kidney transplant ?

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Interest on islamic books

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

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  • Greetings and Welcome to Transplants Friends, Shahariar. 2918900?profile=original

  • Hello. Yes i discussed with my nephrologist 6 months back when my Tac level was 4. He said 4 is ok. I am bit worried when it came 3 last month. Actually i m from Bangladesh and unrelated transplantation is not legal here, so i did my tx from India. That's why my nephrologist is not available all the time, not even in mail or cell phone. In my country doctors are saying to raise the level to 5 or 6. Bit confused. By d way thanks for ur advice which will help me.
  • Hi Shahariar,

    Again everyone's sensitivity to Tacrolimus is different.  Have you discussed this with your Tx team?  My tacrolimus level is normally at 6.5, with lows of 4 and highs of 8.  My team is most satisfied when it is stable at 6 or so.  I only take 1.5mg AM and 1,0 mg PM to maintain this level @ 108 Kg.  If your Tx team is in agreement I would not worry.  A simple telephone call is all it takes to see action.  I have been taking it so long I "feel" different when it is high or low,  Do not hesitate to ask ask ask your Tx team about anything!  Stay Well

  • Hi Shahariar,

    Everyone is different however, a FK (prograf/tacro) below 8 is preferred.  If higher it would make you feel shaky and fatigued.  I have only heard os 2 being the low for management of a Tx.  Stay Well

  • Its hard to say when your creatinine will settle down.  Mine still varies, but your tx center should give you a range.

  • Glad to be a friend. Yes, your creatinine will vary. We are all different. You need to drink a liter of water or more per day. Always check with your tx center / Doctor on your levels.

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