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i had my kidney transplant on 22 feb 2016. My creatinine is 1.4. how i should reduce.

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fruits and vegetables

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3 months

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I am also a transplant patient.

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After kidney Transplant. I can able to eat every thing.

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How i should reduce my creatinine level.

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Ridinig bikes and watching movie

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Bijnor,Uttar Pradesh, India

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I wish all are well here. Can anyone help me that anyone got married after kidney transplant. If got married then does he or she got problem for marriage. 


    Please tell me if anyone got marriage.



  • I am taking prograf 2.5 mg in morning and 2 mg at night but today I had taken 2.5 mg at night. There will be any problem. If somebody knows then please tell
  • I am taking prograf 2.5 mg in morning and 2 mg at night but today I had taken 2.5 mg at night. There will be any problem. If somebody knows then please tell
  • I was under Dr. Anant Kumar and surgeon was also Dr. Anant Kumar. I am visiting to Dr. Anant kumar Only.Cpuld u tell the name of medicine which u r having.

  • Hello Shubham, I was under the team of Dr.khullar and Dr.Anant Kumar. My surgeon was Anant kumar. Currently i visit Dr. Rahul Grover.

  • Hello Priyanka, U r indian. so where have you done your transplant.

  • Hello shubham,
    My transplant was done on 26th Feb 2016, so we share nearly same time..
    My creatinine was 1.0 after transplant Bt in these 3 Months it fluctuated from 0.9 to 1.4. Now in the latest report its 1.1. From my short experience I can say that the creatinine level varies because of many factors:
    1. your hydration level.
    2. Your tacrolimus level
    3. How physically and mentally stressed you are.
    4. Also my doctor told me that creatinine increases in extremely hot weather.

    when my creatinine level increased to 1.4 my doc asked me to get the tac level test done and it was very high(12.4 ) so he decreased my tacrolimus dose and my creatinine came down to 1.1 again :)

    So I would say don't worry about the creatinine level and drink pure water and leave the rest to your doctors..
    Stay happy stay safe..
  • Shubham, it would be better to post your questions in a "discussion" from the home page.  This will attract more replies with one post, over time.  Ask whatever you wish....it is easy.  just click the link below.


  • Hi,

    Certainly nothing to worry about!!  This number can rise and fall like the tides, affected by many factors(hydration, illness, infection and much more.)  I had a 1.45 CR after my second transplant, which is now steady at 1.6 some 2 yrs out.  Tx teams use it to identify trends over time and do not judge kidney function by one reading.  I hope you enjoy many, many years in good health. 

  • Friends,all of you what is your creatinine level and when your tx happens
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