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  • Hello Simian

    Long time no hear! I am currently taking the Tumeric pills and I am seeing wonderful results. Thank you

  • I told my team today. Here is a thread I created today. You are so smart. I need to measure my dose and with using the spice I am not measuring the dose.


  • Hi Simian

    I will let you know if I decide to buy the pill. I am going to talk to my transplant team first because if this is very important for the role of CF, I will probably have their interest.

    Thank you so much

  • It is possible that the actual pill cucurmin is absorbed differently than tumeric? 

  • Hello Rise, Thanks for letting me know about your prograf level. I am surprised it's low rather than high. However, as you said there may be many other factors involved.

  • Well my Prograf level was low and I am not sure what I will do.  I cannot say it is the tumeric but perhaps the enzymes. I am a complicated case so you cannot compare yourself to me.

  • Hi there my friend! 

    I will let you know as soon as I get my labs. I am going to estimate that my Prograf serum level will be about a 6.0- 7.0 Not too high. Just a guess but I could be wrong.

  • Thinking of you! How are you feeling? I am still taking Tumeric and I am glad that you mentioned this and I finally open up my mind to trying this. I will not try the tumeric capsules but will continue taking the spice several times per day.  I have noticed many great benefits.

    Since the time I started, I have increased the portion size and I am going for a blood test tomorrow. I will know next week if what I am taking is increasing my serum level.

    Since I have CF and my absorption is not the same as someone without CF, my result might not be able to be comparable to someone like you BUT it is worth knowing if there is a difference. My CF had greatly improved because of Tumeric and it is possible that the serum level is now up a bit. My only symptoms are headaches but this could be structural and related to TMG (jaw trouble).

  • Have you made any decision regarding tumeric?

  • Hi Simian

    I am so HAPPY you joined us! I just wrote three posts for you on Buddies.

    See you often! Let us know how you are doing ok.

    Take care


This reply was deleted.

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