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prograf 3mg Interferon 180 ul Ribaviran 800 mg magnesium, calcium, vitamin,

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I am a recepeint and like to learn of others expierences as well as provide support to those beggonong the journey.

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NY presbyterian/ Columbia

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it has allowed me to continue my life.

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Music classic rock, going to concerts, sports BB / Baseball., Travel

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  •  Happy Birthday Stu ! 

  • Yes, my brother did treatment out in California a few years ago and went into remission until he became ill in May. They also tried again to see if they could get things turned around during the five weeks he was at NYP/Cornel.

    Then they got him on the donor list...I had never heard of a 'Live Liver Donor" before...amazing thing! 

    Amazing Things really do Happen at NYP/Columbia! 

    Stu I am glad you are doing well. =) 

  • Stu,
    My surgery was done by Dr. Samstein. Dr. Emond did my brothers. The ordeal is a long story. The short of it, my brother needed another liver one week after,after several complications during the first transplant. Dr. Samstein did my brothers second transplant with Dr. Emond. (Deceased donor) my liver did well,it was his other organs that failed him causing mine to die. He passed one month after receiving my liver.
    My brother's outcome is a minority and I know he was in the best care the entire journey. NYP/Columbia will always be held dear to my heart for their efforts,beyond anything imaginable.
  • Stu, your surgery was done T NYU? May I ask who your surgeon was?
  • Stu, Happy Birthday, wishing that all your birthday wishes come true.

  • Happy birthday Stu! Have a great day! You should join us for chat on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 2 pm central time. Hope to see you there!

  • Happy Birthday, Stu!!

  •  Happy Birthday Stu ! 

  • stu thank you so much for all the information you gave me.i passed it all on to my coordinator first thing this morning.on her voice mail of course she rarely picks up or calls me back.so if she doesnt call me back by the end of the day i will be calling the treatment center and try to set up something myself .dr brown seems to be the only one targeting genotype1 with a good success rate which is so encouraging after i got your email and looked up his site i was literally jumping for joy.i cant thank you enough for your help wish me luck on getting in his study group bobbi

  • hi stu thank you for responding. i live in wisconsin. where do you live?if you could tell me where there giving the new treatments in your area i would be very grateful .were not getting much info up here my coordinator said it would be another 7 months before we get the new meds up here .but maybe if we had more info from other places we could push that up.my viral load is very high im in stage4 as you know and since this isnt my original liver i dont know if it can wait 7 mos.it might be possible to get treatment at a different facility.i would appreciate any more info you could give me thank you bobbi

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