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Transplant Friends.com is the transplant social community to our sister site to  http://transplantbuddies.org which was created Feb. 12th 2000. We launched our first forum in Dec of 1999 "The Transplant Sharing Exchange" by Boardhost.com and saw there was an invaluable purpose for communication within the transplant community.  We added several other message forums and then added the domain transplantbuddies.com (2/12/2000) to serve as the main destination place for all the forums.


Since the beginning in 2000, our members returned often, invited their friends and more specific categories were added.   The members who visit often include:  pre & post transplant patients, caregivers, donor families, living related organ donors, altruistic donors,  all who have become an integral part of this journey with us.

Photos of Our Members on TransplantBuddies.org

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In 2010, with the popularity of social network sites, we felt it was for our members best interest to have another type of  social application available and that is when TransplantFriends.com was created.

Our transplant community mission is to provide a unique and personal point of view for those who are traveling down the road to transplant.   Join us and be a shining light that will help lead our friends through their difficult times. Our new and improved Forum Style is our most popular destination on this website to start out with. Eventually, you will want to create a blog and join our groups too.

Share, Learn, Encourage and Explore with us.

Warm Regards,

Risé Gans

Contact Transplantbuddies@gmail.com

or send us a message through our website Hostess Risé

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